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Graffiti Battle


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You seem to have me confused with someone who actually cares about making a point with you.


I am trolling you, because you are a bitch.


The sad thing is that you won't be able to stop yourself from responding, even knowing what I am doing.



You are trolling me because you bit off more than you can chew and now you're afraid of how you'll look if you stop. But you're also too afraid to get owned in a battle.. It's quite the conundrum.

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Btw, trying to figure out how you battle if you are not a writer?




BAHAHAHAA!!! im trying to figure out how youre a god damn writer if you dont battle!!!!! this is fucking rich!! great job silicone! you really made your boys proud!

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I thought we were done?



No, I don't have that luxury.. There is no delete button. The thread is here and I have two options. I can look like the bitch you claim I am and run away and hide or I can stick around and stick up for myself. What would you do if you were backed into a wall? really ask yourself that?

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This thread is absolutely never getting deleted, don't worry about that.


The thing about mods here: We delete spam and gore/nsfw pics. That is about it. The highlights of this position include having my name in red and being able to close redundant threads. If I scare you away because you're an idiot, then c'est la vie. I'll be okay and 12oz will be the home for disenfranchised morons its always been. There is not a 12ozprophet: No More Tears edition for you, sorry bruh.


Here is how a battle works: two people/groups arrive. Someone out-pieces the other. Then the loser beats the shit out of the artfag/rich-kid/douchebag/etc that had no place in this game in the first place and takes his paint. Wasn't that fun?

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This dude talking about battles like this is fucking Wildstyle.


The only reason to battle someone is to meet up so you can knock em out and take their shit.


You hold graffiti up on some pedistal like there's some kind of moral code to this shit. Here's another wake up call: this shit attracts scumbags. It's illegal. Most of us here have spent the better half of our lives doing illegal shit. you're goofy as fuck and don't realize it because you've never taken any real chances but claim you love this shit. Fuck you. You love the IDEA of this shit. You don't know what this is about. You don't know what we're about. Get the fuck out of her son.

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