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60mph KY grade crossing accident - foamers catch it on HD

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every time i hear about an accident with a train i think


there was a real moron driving that car.


the worst i've seen is the video of the minivan trying to beat the freight. i bet she doesn't even see the other one.

fuckin idiot Darwin Award winner. took two of her kids off the face of the earth. she expired 4 days later. so worth it.


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Wow. Didn't look at this until now. Stupid drivers indeed, and maybe not paying attention in that first one. Watching it, that's one of those crossings that don't give a lot of warning time, plus no crossing gates. Would have saved them. The other video, dumbass. Saw shit like that a lot in the Midwest where you have towns where miles of fr8s are running through on a frequent basis. People get fed up with having to wait all the time at crossings and try to beat the fr8, and usually lose. Saw a lot of dumb shit during that time. Feel bad for those crews, traumatizing, and automatic drug testing as if they did something wrong.

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I've always used the following comparison, it has to do with a little science:


I can take a pebble and throw it @ 10mph at my sheetrock wall and it will do nothing.

If I can move a gigantic boulder @ 10mph it will obliterate the house and 2 neighbors' houses.


Pretty simple. I think the same goes for the road bike people that believe in that "share the road" crap. When an accident happens, regardless of your beliefs or the legal outcome, the cyclist always loses the roshambo. An idiot driver that has to deal with a legal situation is way less worse than being handicapped for the rest of your life.

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If people standing by a train crossing distracts you from the train crossing you probably shouldn't be alive, tragically your friends are going with you.

If dudes were in orange vests and hard hats (ie construction/rail workers) making them far more visible (or distracting) would it be their fault?



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