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(Older) NYC oontzers: Anyone know the story on this guy?


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That's David bongiasca, that's not his house that's passages Malibu, I went to rehab there with him in 2013 and he was my homie, his stepdad is CEO of first manhattan and his real dad owns a modeling agency in Venice Italy, he just sponges off their money and they gave him 5 grand a day to shoot heroin and coke for 20 years, that's why he has skin grafts on his arms, he fell down the damn stairs one day and broke his watch lol so he called his mom and told her he needed a new one, one week later a Rolex presidential came in the mail, 50000$ watch, psssh. 41 years old and never worked a day in his life, must be nice. He blocked me on Instagram cause I talked to him like I knew him and he doesn't want to act like he's friends with normal class people, he's lived at passages like 2 years now, and it's almost 100 grand a month. Spoiled much.



I ran across this instagram account

Apparently (old) writer from NYC - "cuz"? - David Bongiasca


Currenlty spending $70k a month to rent a mansion in LA / PCH

[ATTACH=full]175789[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]175790[/ATTACH]

Wears tacky ass versace shirts erryday.

[ATTACH=full]175791[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]175792[/ATTACH]


Gold Chains, watches & pinky rings.

[ATTACH=full]175793[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]175794[/ATTACH]


Chauffeur driven S-class Merc.



Tennis court with a faux subway train that he & friends paint.


Grammar skills of COPE2 with no visible source of income.

All the money in the World, but no taste.





Record Producer?

Lottery Winner?




The mystery is eating away at me.

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Yes that sure is Dave Bongiasca or "Cuz" a graff writer from NY.. I used to hang out with him back in the day.. it's all legit money.. (parents) I have to admit one of the most coolest guys I have ever hung out with.. very down to earth.. I always wondered what had happened to him.. but wasn't sure if he was dead... he did alot of drugs back then as well.. He has gained alot of weight though!! :grimacing:

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Fuck this guy.

I know people to a much lesser extent in similar ''spoiled in family wealth'' situations and they ALWAYS wind up being druggie losers.

One of my best friends OD'd and died on fucking H, upper-middle class version of this guy. Kid could have gone anywhere, any university, done basically anything.

Instead he's dead at 26. It's so selfish it almost overcomes the poignancy of it.

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Sorry to bump this dumb thread, but had to join this site just to write this

I went to school with David in the late 80s in NYC. Yeah we was stupidly rich back then too, he had one of those famous duplex apartments on the upper East side.

Can't say I agree with you on him being a nice guy so much, he was an utter d*ck to me .

I saw him get his ass into a random woman's face on a NYC bus (on a school trip, in school uniform). And farting. A really loud greasy fart.

He got expelled for that

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