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@who_went_over_my_freight on Instagram


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someone posted self promo the other day, and got called out for it by like one person.


the shame prolly ended around the same time the login probz started. what, like 2007?

instagram launched in 2010.

i blame the writers




i just realized.. i always thought i came into the freight game late.

i had done walls for years and i knew people who had been doin em for awhile before i caught the bug.

it's funny. cuz now about 15 years have gone by. i guess the good thing is that shit like an instagram account doesn't really affect how i feel about it one way or another.


that sounds about right

i feel like once you hit 10+ years of doing this silly shit something like IG probably won't faze you a bit.



If someone wants to fight over pics and stupid shit, this has proved in the past to be a great place to do so. #fuckyourtrains


12oz will **always** be the place to e-beef, in my heart. Nothing more sincere than posting personal info under anonymous account names like DICKTUCKDINMYTHIGHS

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I don't understand how quickly the jump was made for it being acceptable to having it all be about self promo in a short time. there's not much difference between 12oz and IG because they're both a place where photos can be posted and comments can be made. It's ok to post some of your own from time to time in the mix, especially if you feel it's good, but yeah it was not kosher here, and if you did it you were a lame. Now everyone's getting pats on the back for wack stuff. IG is a good medium for seeing new flicks, and talking with people, reconnecting with some old people, but stop posting pics of your kids and putting your family on blast. what a world..

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^^i think the difference is that oontz used to have a lot of OG heads that just weren't down for people posting their own freights as if someone had seen them somewhere.

because unless you are lucky or you paint short lines, chances are good that once that freight rolls, you won't see it again



on IG it's just the general public. so not only do you have average joes saying wow dood, you also have a little circle on your ig that is just you and your friends.

so of course it's just jocking, no matter how crappy the crap is because not many people who scribble on shit will hold a critique session like in art school, they just want to hear see their buddy go wow mang.

plus kids found the accounts of popular writers, and boosted the shit out of a lot of egos by going apeshit over the accounts... and i think that made more people go 'public' with their shit

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Society has become more narcissistic with social media. People tweet their thoughts but who gives a fuck what some celebrity or Joe Blow thinks. People were throwing their own shit up for a long time now, back with Myspace and whatever. And 12oz used to be a massive circle jerk, at least in Brick Slayers with pieces (and unfortunately, freights), so basically self promo has overall not been discouraged.


Everyone has had shit they never saw again but I believe most shit can be found with minimal effort if you study your fr8 and the RR. Or else I've been really lucky in finding things for myself and others.


Another problem is there are plenty of people who look at a fr8 as another place to put their graf, like a wall. They don't see it as something that travels, that others are looking for, and have little interest in seeing how far they can go, so they do their piece, flick it, and post it. I think they're missing out on an aspect of the game and have little understanding of how fr8s/RR operate. But hey, people have their own motivations.

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Sprry to bring this old thread up but its been a while since I been on here and this deff caught my eye. I deleted ig recently due to the all the fuckery. The toys that add you and in no time are in your dm's asking for a sketch, and unnecessary beef you can be dragged into. But I think that page was fucking gold! I wouldn't call it snitching though id just call it how it is, People getting called out on their bullshit. Ive never swept a panel in my life except if its obviously toy, or if its just throw ups but even then I won't cover throw ups depending on who it is. I say bring that shit back and put it on here!

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