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12oz collapsed?


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@misteraven I hope you are right, and we have some of the older members come back on here. I posted about the relaunch on facebook to many old school 12ozers, but I haven't seen most of them log in.


Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.


It'll happen, site has been up for about a week. I'm fully expecting it to take a few months for news to make it through the grapevine and might even take seeing something about a couple times before people decide to check. In the meantime, I'll keep building and keep pushing.

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Also, I have to say that going to university in the fittest city in the US during the craze of leggings/yoga pants/tights is awesome. Highly recommended to all.




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You know I initially thought the same thing, but then after talking to some old OG 12oz members and hearing how much they still reminisce about shit, I don't think I'll be surprised to see a lot of them migrate back. Its not even about graffiti anymore, but just socializing online with like minded people and laughing about shit in the past.


Actually it's mostly about the graffiti for me. Admittedly I've only been on this site since 07 so I kind of missed the golden days anyway but if the pics section was doing more than what it is now that's where I'd be spending most of my time. I'm in a transitional point in my career, just left the joint I was working at for the last 7 years to take a part time job (well, pays part time but is full time commitment) to improve capabilities and focus on the local network in the hope that my career will take off in a different direction with in the same field as of 2016. So there will be less sketching and painting this year for me and even less CH0ing as well.


Lots of riding though, so I'll likely be in the bicyclettas thread a bit, I guess. Will prob do a bit of northern border/east coast trip across the pond later this year as well as my niece gets married in Ct. Might hit a few of you cats up for a beer/paint as I cruise on though your neighbourhood.

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So.... this is my first time back to the site or even logging-in since Nov/Dec-ish 2013.

(I self-imposed a 1-year ban during my childish beef with DAO, which I never even saw thru to completion nor cared to once I realized how stupid I was acting.)


The site was bringing out the worst in me and I guess used it as a place to vent. I made 2014 the "year of no hate" so that included disassociating myself with my ch.0 persona.


I've matured a little (& even got back into graff) so I'll try to not be such a fucktard if I stick around this time.


I did miss all of the immature clowning around that made this forum great.

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