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12oz collapsed?


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Hey to whoever's left. I popped in the other day to see 12oz down to three people online. Three. How is that even possible? Another time it was just Fist (hey man). I knew Ch0 numbers were dwindling back in '10, but i didn't think it was going to affect the other subforums as much. Wow. Things do change. People change. Everyone I'm still in contact with that no longer visits this site, and has absolutely no interest in graff at all. So who's left? What's left? Fill me into what people have done for the last 3-5 years...

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I see the forum making a strong comeback.

But to be honest, I don't think it will be the same crowd as before returning to 12oz.

I think more younger cats who discover writing graffiti will eventually find the forum and start to contribute.

they will be the new 12oz.


You know I initially thought the same thing, but then after talking to some old OG 12oz members and hearing how much they still reminisce about shit, I don't think I'll be surprised to see a lot of them migrate back. Its not even about graffiti anymore, but just socializing online with like minded people and laughing about shit in the past. Facebook is straight garbage, so I think this place has the potential to start attracting some of those guys, especially as they realize whats happening here and perhaps recognize they might miss some of it. I can say that it took me a minute to go from behind the scenes working on 12oz to reintegrating back into the forum, but after years of ignoring this place I find myself looking forward to seeing what new comments have been posted and what members I recognize popping up. Even had a bunch of private conversations with people I never knew that somehow have hundreds or even thousands of posts and registration dates going back a a couple years. Honestly, its a bit unnerving to see that and realize how far out of the loop I've been.


Basically, I'm glad to be back on here and I imagine at least a few other will feel the same way. Feels like yesterday that everyone was complaining 12oz was too big and nobody knew each other and wanted to bring back the early days when it was just a tight group a couple hundred strong. I'll have to bump this thread when we're back at that point sometime soon.



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Hey dude. How's it going? What are you up to these days?

I'm in college bettering myself, currently on track for Architectural Engineering, but really contemplating switching to Architecture. More enjoyable, and I'll graduate a year sooner...


I haven't seen a post from any of those guys in quite some. Every few months some random person checks in and we celebrate their return (however fleeting), get all sentimental, and update them with all we know. King of Hell is a pretty respected tattooer at this point. Padawan logged on and propped me about a month ago. Don't know much about anyone else.

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Nice dude. I'm around the bay writing for online/local motorcycle publications about racing, DIY, gear reviews etc. Building hotrods for old hotrodders that simply can't work on their own cars anymore. And also building and renting race cars for 24 Hours of Lemons... and trying to host motorcycle autocross events this year for the first time. Never seem to be able to stay in the same industry for more than a few years before some shit happens and I'm off to the next thing. Architecture's a fairly amazing field. Much respect for keeping with it.

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mams got married.


i think domestication has slowed down the insanity?

who knows. i lost touch with a lot of people

would love to see tesseract again and hear his thoughts on what's happening to greece. tho i think i can guess the gist of it ;)


poopman also got married and had kids. he's official now on the career tip.

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