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gender blunder and god ...no god

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Dr. Makarand Fulzele is a physician and surgeon and a medical superintendent of a government hospital in Mumbai, India who in his studies in anatomy and later as a surgeon became obsessed with an idea he wishes us to share. Perhaps some will dismiss his theories and perceptions a obtuse, but read the manner in which he arrives at the idea that man and woman are integrally related anatomically, sexually, philosophically, emotionally and perhaps some new avenues for perception of self and the variations we observe among our fellow human beings will make more sense. Dr. Fulzele's thoughts and findings deserve to be read and studied in context, but for the sale of a review of his book the following fragments of his thoughts are beneficial to understanding the whole of his presentation: `I am going to make two statements which are interconnected; Man has to go through a stage of womanhood before he achieves his masculinity: if a woman lives long enough she will be converted into a man.' The differences between man and woman are divided into five categories: Genetic, Anatomical, Intellectual, Psychological (emotional), and Behavior patterns. `We will discuss these differences in detail and we will realize that ultimately there is no difference at all. We will awaken to the possibility of man and woman being part of the same process in different time zones.' Twenty-three pairs of chromosomes are present in all of us out of us: twenty-two pairs are autosomes that are similar in both man and woman. Out of twenty-three pairs, twenty-two pairs are similar irrespective of gender. If these autosomes are similar then they should lead to similar results in man as well as woman. These autosomes are mainly concerned with development of human body that's common in both - man and woman. The twenty-third pair is called sex chromosomes. This is at the root of all differences between man and woman: The pair of sex chromosomes in man is called X and Y, the count for woman is called X and X. In simple words, Male and female are same in the beginning then they simultaneously develop into a female and male. The `X' stops here and a lady remains a lady, but `Y pulls himself further into a male. Till puberty man and woman are same if man lives longer, he can get converted into woman. If woman lives longer, she can get matured into man. Examples: External genitalia - labia fuse to scrotum and the clitoris extends to become a penis. The ovaries and testicles are basically same. But one is exposed to certain temperature for a particular period to grow into ovaries. Whereas testicles are cooled within time to maintain their integrity. To put it into scientific language, all humans are females to start with. Some develop further to become male. Man or woman is born. At puberty fully grown man or woman develops libido. At menopause, both female and male) estrogen or testosterone resources are finished and physical changes towards opposite gender start appearing. `So our life also runs in circle. We start at birth and then from infancy, become young. Then a full-grown woman or man is developed. One lifetime is consumed. The menopause is reached towards the end of the life. At this juncture man or woman is getting converted into the opposite sex. Before the changes are too prominent to be ignored, the man or woman is dead. They go to the grave with the secret!'Dr. Fulzele's thoughts and reconstruction of the human being as an interrelated essentially unisexual organism at one point may stir some further studies as to gender identity, transgender debates, and other technical thoughts, but he also gives some credence that men and women are not necessarily form mars or Venus, but intelligent thought processes could lead to greater understanding of relationships. Grady Harp, August 13’Scientists have somehow missed definitions of gender in human beings,” states Dr. Makarand Fulzele. Insights gained from years of practice as surgeon makes him wonder if indeed we have overlooked facts staring in our face. Nature has a tendency to hide many secrets but at the same time it provides enough clues to unravel its mysteries. Dr. Fulzele picks up loose threads from life to stitch together the theory that man is an extension of woman in his new book, “Man Is the Extension of Woman: Know the Ultimate Truth about Yourself” (published by iUniverse). Dr. Fulzele’s book explores similarities between men and women against the backdrop of their genetic differences, physical variations, and emotional and intellectual dissimilarities. Dr. Fulzele who is a successful surgeon further explains in his book: The main hypothesis I discuss in this book is that, if a woman lives long enough she will be converted into a man physically. A similar thing can also be stated about man. It is wrong to categorize humankind into two genders as it implicates that they are extremely dissimilar and physically opposite to each other. I try to prove that man and woman are just two different stages of one developmental process. And physically they are very similar. The ideas presented may sound unconventional but Dr. Fulzele implores readers to consider his point of view with an open mind. “Your world will not change if you do not agree with me. But if you agree with me, how does it change your world? If more people agree with you and me, how does it change our world? The possibilities are limitless.” About the Author Dr. Makarand Fulzele is a successful surgeon and medical superintendent of a government hospital in Mumbai. He enjoys tapping into hidden and mysterious regions of the human mind, where many strange thoughts occur and get ignored. He is also the author of “Rainbow,” a book similarly dedicated to the spirit of light.

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These are brilliant and highly inspired thoughts. They resonate deeply with the deepest of creative impulses coming to man. The work of Rudolf Steiner and, oddly, Goethe, involve these kinds of spiritual pictures in the west.


The time for the so-called 'separation of the sexes' is beginning to end. We see already the movement in transsexualism. This must be appreciated and understood in the present context of the language of sexual individualizing. If a boy does not feel like a boy our linguistic reality points to 'I must be a girl'. The time for the individual is maturing. We are still imprisoned in dualistic thinking...therefore it is not surprising that such polarity thinking arises. What about: 'let us support you in becoming YOU, and not necessarily the logical pole of thinking: 'then I must be a girl'.


These are profound changes coming to us. Without a deep perspective we will be lost and condemned to this low-level logical thinking.

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