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Containment is an adgective, not a noun

Hua Guofang

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History is a guide that does not contain potential.


This time it will be conventional. Last itme it was proxy but that was because we were on the way out of colonialism. This time EVERYONE HAS NUKES.


think about that again.


Devastation is no longer a strategy, it is now a tactic.


If you were born before 1985 go fuck ourself and get laid/dunk/high becuase you have a shelf life that you don't control and its likely far shorter than you think.


This is fear and helplessness. Do not think that protest has any significance:


My life is a valuable thing

I want to keep it that way, I won't cry

My life's such a valuable thing

Some things don't fade away, I don't mind

We give the best we can give

We won't forget, we can't forgive

Keep us radioactive free

Strike a bell in Hiroshima park

You know that we can't see in the dark

We try and we try and we try


Who waits for the planes to come

When everybody's got you on the run

South Pacific carry on


It seems to me that what we're saying

Nobody really wants to talk about it

This is no time to be wondering why

I do the best I can do

The human jungle and the global zoo

I'll find my way it's a very special way


Why wait for the planes to come

When everybody's got us on the run

South Pacific carry on

Here come the Hercules

Here come the submarines

Sinking south pacific dreams


When that song was written it was parochial. The guy who sung it ended up as the (failed) minister for education. Now it is a forecast, a harbinger of bad, very, very bad things.


Russia were white Christians, we at least understood each other.


The next guy is a whole other thing that even s/he doesn't fully get. (risk and opportunity depending on where you want to go).




If you've sat in an MRAP or kicked a door, this is your Paint It Black anthem, only these cats saw it 30 years back.


Another way of saying that is that 30 years back it did not end.




Because nothing has changed.






Russia and the Soviets were a symptom and isolationism doesn't account for geography, demography, economics and (the consequence) technology.


Shale and fracking will not save you it will only save you time.


the pacific and atlantic is not the buffer that it once was.


If you could overcme water and distance with technology in the cold war to defeat Russia - what will a middle class of 500 million do in 2025 to overcome you?


oceans will not prrotect you against the R&D of 500 million indignant ignants.



You have reached the limits of what natiure has given you.






Now you have got to actually work to retain your edge. You have depth but that is nothing more than ditance and persistance can overcome distance. What I mean? I mean you have a huge economy, bullshit huge military capabilty/capacity. The Atlanitc and Pcific got you hear but it won't keep you here because they are so many more and they have the initiative.





Containment is not a Soveit era relic, it is a defensive strategy based on geogrphay.

We die faster than these fundamentals change. so look back, understand contaiment as and adgectivet that describes a strategy, not a noun that identifies a Cold War strategy that is temporal in nature.



Geograpjy has not changed. your enemies still exist.


Geography has not changed but techology has spread horizontally. That means the playkng field has shifted.




Get with the fucking times. You can fuck up Iraq and Afghanistan because it's not your nest.


You fuck up Asia and you're not sleeping.

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Haha, wow, that was so profound in my mind when I wrote it last night. I'll post some pics of the kitchen later, I roasted, candy coated and choc dipped a bunch of nuts and orange peel.



Fist, no single action. I've spent the last week giving the situation in the Pacific a lot of thought and I had a few too many beers last night.


I don't know why I've taken to posting on here when I'm drunk over the last few months, I don't even drink that much.

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