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I didn't know there was a gay way to stroke floral arrangements.




After a lengthy foot chase and no way of making it home, temperature dropping to freezing. I gave up on trying to sleep in the construction site, the slight warmth of rediset concrete bags had turned to a dull ache. Lactic acid feeling solidified in the calves I got my sense of direction, and like a bird returning to the coastline, walked until I hit I train line.


I walked past an electrical store on the highway corner, they'd conveniently attached an LED display, like a shotclock, to the top of the store. This would display to the hoards of traffic each morning and afternoon how many minutes they have left, and just how cold it is outside of your car. At 3am though, it was just telling me I'm an idiot.


Found the trainline, beauty of a sleepy city - next train won't be for hours. Cold and defeated, and fucking COLD, I retracted like a snail into my tshirt. Out of the corner of my eye I saw smoke. Or I thought it was smoke, jumped off the platform and walked over to a giant row of mulch piles. All steaming away. I shoved my hand in, and due to the hands being nearly frozen and the mulch being well above ambient, felt like third degree burns. Gradually I levelled out my hands temperature and dug a little hollow in the side, climbed in, and slept so well I only woke up when the runner trains started.


Got up dusted myself off and walked over to the platform.


Just another one of those "imagine what everyone else on the train was thinking" memories.

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And I wish I wasn't going grey.


Yo AIDS, what's the best thing you've done during your Oonts hiatus?



Hey, thanks for asking. Can't even recall really when I stopped oontzing, life outside of the internet took over I guess. (thankfully)


In the past bunch of years I have completed 2 college degrees. I spend my days now painting in my studio. That's pretty much all I do now.


I definitely miss the old oontz days, things sure have changed, nothing but pop ups and other ads now here it seems. Oh well.



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paid tuition





not mine my kids couch surfed (well stayed with assorted friends) so i can focus strictly on work and pay tuition and a few trips to here and there


met up with a few fellow oonzters in my trvels


took a gaziliion flix.


broke some bones in my hand and ankle


now i need hip surgery.hahah


you know, typical stuff

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