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It's Finally Happened


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Haha, honestly, I've never felt like my input was necessarily productive and I would be just another asshole clogging up a thread without contributing. I came on periodically since middle and high school just to catch up on some flicks and see what was going on in different areas. I read the whole head on thread too, I don't advise doing so. This is the first thing I just wanted to see some input/discussion on. I can just see this show taking off (wait, it's on oxygen, nevermind) and every fuckshit and their mother wanting to be fuckshit&mamaoner trying to do what we do and realizing the probability of having a gun pulled on them or their face stomped in (that better be a fucking contest in an episode) is much greater than having people appreciate your super pretty street art on TV. Are you starting to see where the not productive input thing came into play? I just think it's going to bring to the table a whole shitstorm of swolen-headed, heat bringing, whiny ass little bastards into what the internet already made a pretty fucked up situation.


I think this guy is Drue.

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Who really cares?

Graffiti is a part of my life that I was never all that into advertising. The only people who knew I was involved with it were people who did it or people who were very close to me. Since I grew up a little bit, I've distanced myself from it as I've realized how goofy the shit actually is when you put it on paper: I write the same word over and over again on things that don't belong to me.

I still do it, but it doesn't really serve much of a purpose beyond letting off a little steam now and again.

Skateboarding is in a much worse state of affairs with all this contest crap coming back. Kids all trying to outdo everyone else, stressing over footage and such. I know there's always been a hint of competition in skateboarding, but it's definitely been accelerated with all this street league crap.

But at the end of the day, I don't care, because I can still go skateboard and have fun and it still gives me the same feeling it did 20 years ago. No one can take that away.

On the plus side of mainstream culture latching onto skateboarding, people are a lot more accepting of skateboarding nowadays than they were back in high school, which means more spots, which means more fun.

Trends come and trends go. It should come as no surprise that this is happening... with the array of graffiti novelty shit that's been available in chain stores for years, I'm surprised it didn't happen some time ago.

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i would watch a reality show about the stupid shit that happens during graffiti: stupid chases, cans exploding, having to poop in the middle of a yard, ripping your pants wide open hopping barbed wire, falling in sewage runoff, spilling 5 gallons of house paint in your trunk. those kinds of things.

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