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Where shall the pheonix fly?

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Where are the ads? I try to click ads to get the site make revenue. Today they are gone. Last night when the screen went white, I thought.. oh no, This is it.


I only lurk, but i lurk hard, and feel like I know so many people here. Kinda like you are in my head, and i'm schitzo. I miss people who have fallen off. I bet a lot of heads have switched to lurking too. Really I think this placed died because Snowden taught us not to use places like this. Do any of you use proxies?


Tragically paranoid,



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The rise of "social media" started to kill forums like this,.

Smartphones with cameras built in, and apps to easily share the photos pretty much finished the job.


The good old days are gone for good, which is a shame, I've met more cool people through 12oz than any app or other website.

It will be cool to watch where this place goes once it's fixed up again, but I'm sure it will never be as heavy as it was when I first made this account.


Not all forums but definitely this forum and probably others with visual content and a younger demographic. I've been modding on a bicycle forum for 10 years and sure, it's not as fast as it was in the early 2000s but we still have thousands of active members and it's a nationally based user group in a country with a small population.


The difference is that forum is based on a sport/activity and new tech like phones make little difference in the way we use the net. We still need to discuss new parts, trade, organise events, etc. Instagram, twitter, Facebook, etc. don't shift the dynamic as it has here.


Secondly, the average age group is a little higher than it was here in the hey day of the 12. Cycling is expensive and the more serious folk need decent disposable income to participate. With an older demographic there is less interest in chasing the latest thing like IG and other new forms of social media.


I'd reckon if you looked at other similar forums - go carting, fishing, patchwork quilting, photography, model trains, whatever, they will still have well populated websites as well.


It's not just the tech probs this place has been having that's thinned the crowd, Bombing Science didn't have tech probs but their crowd has thinned too. Not as much as this place but there has been a noticeable slow down in participation. I reckon you could correlate the slow down here and on BS with the increased activity of writers on IG.


Who wants to write my paper for me?

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The reboot is happening


Good grief.


Not aiming to piss in anybodies pants, but you do realize if this thing here is going to be "weird for a while" then everybody will be gone for good because everybody's tired of the shit.


Why not leave the fucking forum as it is and change the other part(s) of 12oz, that are generating the money.



Personally I'm not convinced Instagram and iPhone apps and whatnot had such a huge impact on killing this site really.


People do enjoy to be able to have a conversation with multiple people that you can only do in a forum/thread enviroment, even if it's just beef/yelling at each other.


I really do think that people actually not being able to fucking log in to the fucking forum for months and nobody doing anything about it played a much bigger role why people said "fuck it I'm outta here".

Jus' sayin..

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The thing is, the forum only works by sheer miracle, this place is fucked. Leaving it alone means waiting for the next hiccup to completely take this place offline and lose everything. By rebooting and redesigning this place Raven is ensuring that the forum keeps some of its history. It would have been far easier and cheaper for him to just post up a new forum and delete all this shit.


It will be worth it in the end.


People will come back. Thanks to everyone who still sticks around...

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Not everyone will return, probably not most, but some will. There are plenty of people that don't post because of the inconvenience of logout/login/wait... bullshit. There are plenty of people that do random check-ins, see the place is fucked, and go away again.


Like Mercer said, the best times are past, but there are good/funny/interesting people out there who are looking for a forum who can add to this community and so we can hope for a better future for das oontz.


It won't happen overnight, but a functioning website will make a big difference in drawing people to this site.

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The main (and often only) reason new people came here in the past was for posting/looking at photos of graffiti which are a huge pain in the ass to post.

Granted, I think the new site will allow for easier uploads and not require photobucket or other seperate hosts.

You just can't beat the ease, and control social media/smartphone apps allow in this area.


It's not just that, power posters have the ability to easily open a blog, website, ect. now, and gain their own userbase as opposed to handing it over to a forum and having no control over it.

I think the first iterations of mass exodus on here were the result of people realizing this, and not wanting to deal with rules, community leaders, mods, or anyone else.


It really isn't a huge pain in the ass to upload a flick somewhere and copy and paste the url. Takes me like 15 seconds.

Of course forum uploading and maybe automatic resizing, stripping EXIF etc. would be a nice thing if done right.


Surely people will still use IG or the next hip service that you can use from your iPhone, but i think (well - I hope) they'll still appreciate and use forums as well, which have their unique advantages.

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For what it's worth here is my blah blah take as an unknown but long time member.


The main (and often only) reason new people came here in the past was for posting/looking at photos of graffiti which are a huge pain in the ass to post.


Very true. Except for the pain in the ass part. It's.. really easy.


I didn't discover the Ch0 or other sections besides BRICKSLAYERS until long after joining. Never wondered what was there.


I bought the 12oz magazines when they came out. $5. It was a really elegant take on a graffiti magazine. When the internet became common I was mind blown that one can see graffiti photos essentially for free on graffiti.org. Then this started. Fun to see, share and steal photos constantly on the NYC thread and read the shit talk. Even after it was influxed with toys.


Then there was a series of down times and the crazy 'Viagra/Cialis' hack and everyone in BRICKSLAYERS got spooked. Since then only a few people post.


Shitty that that happened.


This is the first graffiti photo I 'downloaded' from the 'internet'. It took 45 minutes and appeared line by line. Still at the same address.



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