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*Official 2015-16 NFL Thread* year of "Mawkus Meriotto?"


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Benching a 100 million dollar QB...welcome to the future of the NFL.


I have never seen a QB who looks like they give less of a shit about the game than Jay... I use

to fuck with ole dude the first few years because he had that anti-hero feel...now he's just a bum with a IDGAF demeanor.


As I ranted, I have hardly watched any football in the last two weeks, doesn't look like I've been missing too much.


Whoever is the #1 seed in the NFC(Seattle/Packers) vs. Patriots Superbowl.

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What's worse is they gave Cutler $56 Million GUARANTEED. No way they can get out of that contract for at least 3 years. Trestman is as good as gone after the season. He lost the locker room already. Emery should be too for giving franchise QB money to Cutler. Now the Bears will be stuck in another rebuild for the next 3 years. Going in circles.

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Eagles really picked the worst time of the season to fuck up. Not even mad, just super disappointed. Gift wrapped the division for the Cowboys. They have the worst secondary in the league and I have no faith in the QB's.


Manning is in playoff form tonight with his 4 ints and one in the final 2 mins to seal the game.


Seahawks-Packers NFC Championship. I'll give the nod to Packers but could go either way.


Steelers-Patriots AFC Championship. Patriots get the W but I will root for the Steelers.

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Wow. Dumbest article I've read in a while.



Also saw they posted a story about Kevin Durant giving a kid new sneakers after he got his sneakers stolen. Problem with that is they posted the same fucking story 3 weeks ago when it actually happened and are either tryna make it out to be a nice Christmas story about KD or hungry for more likes...B.S.

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reading back on my last comment has me just as confused.. lol

i dont think i meant like ra rah root for the eagles but

i am glad Giants didnt get the W bc yes now they have a top 10 pick coming..



Also did not see the cowboys taking the division and i hope they get booted with the quickness

not sure if detroit is up to the task without Suh

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It's not super dirty, but when you have a history of doing shit like this, it adds up. He should be suspended. 5 seasons in the NFL, and being a complete moron has cost him $447,169. Not a ton to one of these guys, but thats a shitload of money.


Also, how stupid is he that he gets fined less for intentionally hurting someone, than Lynch got for not talking to the media? The NFL is all about player safety, right? lol....

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