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*Official 2015-16 NFL Thread* year of "Mawkus Meriotto?"


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There's nothing to rant about, I'm done watching football.


I complain and bitch every Sunday about how the game is watered down and fixed and I'm finally going to stop bitchin and just stop watching.


Literally all you have to do be successful in the NFL is to draft a QB who can throw the ball, and then have him throw it deep every down. He will either hit his target or you get at least 15 yards in penalties.


That was the third game this year that a major penalty in the last minute cost us a game, and I'm fucking done with it. It doesn't matter what the Ravens do, they will make sure that they don't win.


Football can suck my dick, I have better shit to do than watch a bunch of millionaire niggers throw a fucking ball around and dry hump each other.

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i'm not upset about it but i just ain't gettin much enjoyment out of watching this year

diminishing returns.

though without being invested in my team so much, i don't really get pissed at the outcome either.


dunno. game on sunday was disappoint. of course. but par for the course indeed.

i was interested in how pack/patriots would turn out

but then i didn't care enough to watch.

very meh.

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JERSEY CITY – Cornerback Brandon Browner was a Pro Bowler in 2011, his first year with Seattle. He seemed on track to being a large part of what coach Pete Carroll was building with the Seahawks, after Carroll arrived for the 2010 season.


Then Browner was suspended for four games in 2012 because he violated the NFL’s policy on performance-enhancing drugs – reportedly because he failed a test for Adderall, a drug whose use has become an issue around the league.


In December, Browner was suspended indefinitely by the league for violating its substance abuse policy. Barring a last-ditch appeal, he reportedly will not be able to apply for reinstatement until this coming December. The suspension handed down in December is unrelated to the one Browner served in 2012.


Browner was not the only Seahawk who served a substance-abuse suspension this season. Cornerback Walter Thurmond was also suspended, for four games.


These sorts of suspensions have become a trend for the Seahawks. Last spring, linebacker Bruce Irvin was suspended for the first four games of the 2013 season because of a performance-enhancing drug violation.







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Perts, This season has come down to this game. I don't see them losing in Philly. Unless the Boys secondary turns into the Seahawks overnight I'm pretty confident in the Birds!




I think who ever loses could still make the playoffs, so the season doesnt necessarily end for either of us.


I don't think we'll win, but we'll be more competitive this game than last.

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As you know I'm pissed. Fuck Josh Huff, such a waste of a 3rd round pick and a garbage return man. Always fucks up. Sanchez is not even a good back up, I was so disappointed when they signed him. He's playing just like I thought he would. Good for 2+ turnovers a game. If this team somehow makes it into the playoffs there is no way they're beating anyone.

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I'm still so pessimistic about this team, It's week 15 and I still can't confidently say I think they'll win, haha. The fact that someone put up 200 rushing yards on the Colts a week or 2 ago gives me confidence, though. Murray might not play, but I think our RB's will still do fine. I also haven't watched any Colts games at all this year, so I don't even know if they're really good or not. We'll see!

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