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ISIS beheading video seem fake to anyone else?


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NSFW -------- http://truthuncensored.net/warning-graphic-breaking-american-journalist-james-wright-foley-beheaded-by-isis-in-chilling-video-to-obama/ ---- NSFW







ive seen a couple drug cartel beheadins online, from links on 12oz, and they were much different than this one.


a lil suspicious,



obviously scripted but it makes sense they would have him read the things he says

but..... no tremors in his voice or anything? Talkaing to his family after two years in captivity .. nothing? addressing them knowing youll never see them again... nothing? i get he most likely knew death was coming an accepted it but damn...


then around 4:00 they start the beheading by giving his throat like 6 good saws w a steak knife? but no blood or muffled scream?


then at that poiint they cut the video.... why would they cut the video? possibkly the US edited it... but why? why?



the cartel vids were much much gnarlier than this one..... this one doesnt seem real to me.

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he was in captivity for two years, though. he could have been so desensitized at that point that nothing would have fazed him. at what point in a two year captivity, hidden from the rest of the world and unable to communicate with anyone, do you "die?" at what point are you crushed, emotionally & spiritually, convinced you'll never see your friends or family again? i think that explains his lack of emotion. he was talking to a camera, probably unsure that video would even actually get released.


that cut away is suspicious, but if the US didn't do it, ISIS may have to hide any evidence that they're not great at beheading people. you know, keeping up terrorist appearances and all.

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judging from the muslim guys dialect and perfect english combined with a relatively "comfortable" demeanour in unison with the american it would appear that those two years were spent with quite a lot of dialogue.


this would amount to the hostage in captivity more than enough time to become prepared for death. he would have also had his ideologies and patriotism skewed and clearly in this scenario, removed.


judging from the length of captivity combined with this presumed dialogue between him and his captors in such a vulnerable/dangerous state he would begin to regionalize what they are doing for a variety of reasons.


so im not gonna call fake for some of the more obvious face value reasonings, however... i am calling fake none the less.


certainly could be wrong but I'm thinking blood would be absolutely SPEWING out that dudes neck far before the clip cuts off. homeboy in black got a lethal blade in his hands and goes hard on buddies throat right off the hop.


also, i don't think that hacksaw type motion would be accurate that early in the cut. toward the back/spine absolutely but that knife would go through that throat like butter. and blood would be spraying profusely and dumping niagraly.


watch this clip from when i was a kid and a hockey goalie had a skate upend him under the mask. this guy nearly died from the jugular damage. takes roughly one second or less and blood is bobbing beneath him and as sharp as a hockey skate is, that knife would out cut it by a mile.



and for these reasons, I'm calling hoax.

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Great album.


Even the main stream media is calling it fake: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/journalists/bill-gardner/11054488/Foley-murder-video-may-have-been-staged.html


Like mentioned earlier blood would be spewing and his voice would be all garbled... And as said already all it takes is to see a cartel video or Nick Berg or any other shit, if they're so vicious why did they edit it? Something is off here

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