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Anyone going? I am headed out tomorrow morning. Send me a PM if you know anyone that will be attending and we can hook up. I will post up all the flicks and video to my travel thread next week. I will be at "Camp Somewhere Else", if you look around 10 o'clock and D, there will be a sign telling you where we're at. I will have tons of spray and party favors, tell anyone you know to stop by!!!


Also about to pick up a GoPro 3+ Black fucking A++++ I can't wait!!!


Hide your daughters and spraypaint... the night is about to begin

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A buddy just called and asked if i wanted 2 tickets and a parking pass for free. I was tempted to hop on the harley with a tent

and smash out there, and then i remembered that i don't like rave shit like that at all. Almost said yeah, just cause it'd be fun to go desert partying with KIR.




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The weather is terrible out there right now, isn't it? Coulda swore I read somewhere they were planning on ending the event early due to heavy rains or some shit.


Anyways, I was tryin to go with some peoples, but then I realized, I'd rather stay home and work/make money.

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About two years ago a compadre and I were working in Fallon, NV during burning man and got to see a bunch I the folks coming to town to get supplies and grabbing fast food

We didn't know it was going on but had noticed a bunch of places having weird sales on coolers and ice... Umbrellas.. Cases of water... Etc


I was surprised Arby's let these folks in w no shoes and dirty as hell!


I know a couple chicks who have gone and took only homemade jewelry to use as currency and did pretty well within the barter system


Not really my scene but I bet I could have a great time there

As long as I could get past the heat

That would be the deal breaker


Dusty and sweaty and high sounds like a turrible combo





Bet it's fun as hell there on psychedelics

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