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West LA courthouse ledges become legal street skate spot

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Some locals and Nike got together and cleaned up a local street spot, working with the local government to turn it into the first legal street spot. They slide like fucking butter and have steel edging so the skateboards won't ruin them in a few years of grinding.





The West LA Courthouse, better known as the, “Santa Monica Courthouse,” is as close as you can get to a historic landmark for skateboarding. The Rucker Park for skaters was a go-to spot and a proving ground for many during the golden era of street skating during the mid-’90s into early 2000s. Famous for having a multitude of ledges, an empty fountain, a four stair set, and a stage – made the Courthouse one of the most popular and iconic skate locations. Pros and amateurs alike from around the world have often made the pilgrimage to this spot to skate. Back in high school, my friends and I would make the journey to LA, often ending up sitting on our skateboards and watching as the locals and pros would do tricks that we only would see when the latest skate video on VHS would be released: nollie tailslides, nollie heel flips to nose manuals on the stage, and every flip trick imaginable down into the fountain.


Many memories from this skate mecca are still stuck in my mind from Eric Koston’s part in Girl’s, “Goldfish” circa ’93 to Ronnie Creager’s part in World Industries, “Trilogy.” This location has undergone its trials and tribulations for skaters, from having it skate-proofed with knobs on each ledge and on the stage, to the removal of the fountain. The courthouse itself had its courtrooms closed due to budget cuts back in 2012.


Which brings up this year’s Go Skateboarding Day, where the question was raised: “What if… Nike re-opened a celebratory skate location to celebrate?” to the response, “Why not? And why not West LA Courthouse.” The wheels kept spinning, and with the help of the city, the spot was revitalized with the removal of the knobs and a fresh coat of paint for the weekend. The push continued, and this past Friday, the city along with Nike has reopened the legendary location as a public skate plaza.


Freshly painted and un-knobbed ledges are now buttery smooth, artwork by Geoff McFetridge adorns the stage, and skateboarding is now legal. The reopening event featured Nike pros Eric Koston, Paul Rodriguez, Theotis Beasley along with a few other skaters that helped immortalize the location along with city council members.


Visit the West LA Courthouse:

1633 Purdue Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90025



More pics --- http://thehundreds.com/west-la-courthouse/

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Interesting... I never knew this place had historical significance among skaters. Then again I'm not really a skater.


But I've been to this courthouse a couple times to take care of traffic tickets... I do remember seeing a few guys skating and it did seem like a good skate spot -- a wide open courtyard area lots of ledges & railings. The courtyard area reminded me of a high school courtyard or cafeteria. The buildings and courtyard look rather old school like it was built in the 60s or 50s.


It's cool that the city allowed this place to be a designated legal skate spot. Especially it being a municipal area, it would seem it'd be the last place to be a legal skate spot -- this area has a courthouse, an admin/city council building, a library, and a police station right across the street.

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of course its legal now....because of Nike.

money gets shit done.


even if youre not a corporation...look at david geffen...donated money to UCLA and got a med school named after him..lol

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