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RIP Our Fam


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It's the 4th anniversary of my dad's death, and I know he'd get a kick out of being on this thread. He raised a vandal. So this thread is for the lost fam you miss and still love with everything, be it bio or not. Sorry if there is a thread for this.


#RIP Dad


Here is how my dad made a TDB:


a) He helped make the most awesome little brother in the fucking world (and you say otherwise I will cave your skull in with my empty Beltons) - [bro] I am super proud of the hard-working, adorably geeky, polite, cool brother you are. Thank fuck one of us is generally calm or we might have reversed Earth's polarity by now.


b) Bringing me back a NES from a business trip when I was 4 and ensuring that nurture wins when it comes to gaming.


3) encouraged my vandal ways from a young age with sarcastic book reading, merciless piss-taking of children's programming and in my teen years, by nailing every drunkenly stolen road sign to the outside of his shed.


I love you Dad, and I hope your atoms are having fun crackin onto Tina Turner's somewhere in the universe.

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