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Pimp my walker

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First of all, I ask for no sympathy from anyone. I just want some help as I embark on this project.


I have to be on a walker for a while. Possibly two months. And I'll probably need it again here and there for the rest of my life. All I'll say is that

Multiple Scleroris is a motherfucker. Again, not asking for sympathy. Just saying it because you might be wondering why I'm in that position.


Anyway... I have this walker and wanna pimp the shit out of it.


For starters, I wanna do an Oroboros (the snake eating its tail). I want it to be clean and crisp. Red scales with orange highlights, pale yellow belly

with white highlights, green eyes, black outlines. And that's just the start. It's this mottled surface on the front that is basically a big rectangle so I

think it will work good there. I love fucking with that classic tattoo-style of Koi/dragon scales so that's going to be going on here.


The rest of the body will be throwies and handies and whatever else strikes me... snakes... roses. I'll be getting a folding tray eventually and will piece

on both the front and back as both are visible depending on what position it's in.


The tray will be flat plastic but the entire body of the walker is aluminum.


So my first question is what I can use. I already fuck with Molotow's for my books, canvases and walls so I am comfortable with them and their price.

I don't know what's going to work on the aluminum. It's gotta resist bumps, rubbing off and scratches. Should I use some kind of primer? Dull coat

or ultra-gloss to seal it in? I have tons of sticker paper and stacks of postals. I can use those if I have to.


If you've ever painted up a spray paint can or a bottle, it's probably a lot like that. But remember, it's aluminum, not glass or steel.


I would love to post progress pix here as I go.


Please hit me off with suggestions so I can make this shit amazing.

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i'd just hit it with gloss clear coat and you should be good. I'd use brush and 1-2 coats to ensure something nice and protected.

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The only aluminum I've painted was a truck box. I scuffed the shit out of it, then used a couple coats of Rusto self etching primer.


After that step I don't imagine it would be too different from normal artsy fartsy shit.


Stay up, I'd love to see progress pictures.

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Sorry it took so damn long. The site I ordered my markers from was in France and they fucked up the order and then I went on a trip for the holidays for family. During that time, I actually got started...







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