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Eating gooms tmrw


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I had a convo with a TEACHER tonight

At a pizza parlour

The future of our nation


When I go out on cold nights I wear a black hoodie representing my exs alumni

The Idaho Vandals

-the only gift I ever asked of her that she delivered-

The hoodie says VANDALS in print across the chest with a small IDAHO above

My way of throwing a flag up without being a LDLMT /WRBT/Tribal / faggot


So this girl asked me:


"did you go to Idaho?"


"Why you wearing that?"

"I write graffiti"


"I write graffiti"


" I'm a tagger, we don't like being called that though... I WRITE graffiti"

"So... Why are you wearing THAT?"

"I'm a vandal"




We got into a discussion. She said she teaches her students about graffiti... About how it's and art...

I said no, it isn't an art..... It's vandalism.


"I bet all you know is 'exit thru the gift shop' and OBEY"

"Yeah... Well...what is it to you?"

"What I was taught by people older than me is that it's a communication, whose been here and where they are from..."


That IS what it is to me

Push your NAME, push your CREW or neighborhood

My neighborhood is RTR the RoofTopRascals... Something I can't push now, knowing it's a semi well known set. All I push is the set I got out down with my junior year in highschool(which I won't post here)


Shit is fun. But this is what it boils down to. At least here in San Diego. Rep your set. Tells people everything.



She seemed kind of offended that this thing I love I didn't consider art

"What do you mean?"

"Imagine someone said SKATEBOARDING is only what happens in the XGames

Imagine the only skateboarding that happens is in a skatepark..."

(The fact that 'skatepark' is in my phones autocorrect is sad )


She didn't get it

Was trying to explain but she didn't want to hear it

She asked me about something I can speak on

Something I am informed about

Something I care about

What did she do?

When what I said didn't fit in her grid, she tuned out

Stopped listening

I tried to grab her attention

"You asked me a question, I'm answering"

I had no interest in sleeping with her, I wanted to explain something to someone as a person who they may not have another encounter with in their life...

There are a lot of us but really not tht many

She may not ever talk to another writer. I mean my city is MILLIONS of people.. There are probably only a few hundred writers

That ratio is crazy!

She was teaching this shit and probably had never talked to someone who does it

I wanted to give her perspective



Welp... it wasn't wanted


These are our children and grandchildrens teachers

She asked me about something.... Something I'm qualified to talk about... And passionate about... And as soon as it didn't fit into her ideology she stopped listening

How fucked is that?


Her attention was divided

I said "you asked me a question, about something I care about, when I started answering you checked out. What the fuck??"


"Sorry, I'm listening"

But not listening.



Now, I understand that when you clock out your job is done,

But shouldn't some people of some jobs be a certain type of personality ???

Shouldn't the people who teach also crave to learn???








Ehhhhhhhh fuck it. I'm drunk. I got an eighth if shrooms to eat tmrw and that's my only obligation for the day. Shit is just frustrating. But maybe it should be. Maybe it's good no one gets it. I'm kinda glad no one gets it actually.... It's something WE get. Something WE care about. Something WE are passionate about. Something WE have RULES and standards about shit that only WE know and follow. I think thats kinda cool. Goddamnit I feel kind of pathetic that this is something I've been doing since 6th grade and I'm almost 30 but isn't worth shit... Isn't worth anything. But it's the only thing I care about. The only thing I get enjoyment from. One of the few things I get a smile on my face from. Creates crazy bonds with people. The kind of bonds outsiders will never know. I guess all that stuff makes it worth it.





Venting an shit. Hope someone gets it.

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Wear a Vandals hoodie to be low key about "throwing up a flag"


Stranger inquires




Yeah i got more stuck on this than anything.


Then again clothing that advertises graff unintentional or not just looks lame. If you really believed the culture was for us you wouldn't have been wearing a shirt that said Vandals anyway. You wore it with full knowledge it was going to expose you as a writer.


I feel what dude is saying though.

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Ive been in that conversation a bunch of times with people who "like graffiti". No they dont. Ive had friends who dont paint ask why dont i do something nice instead of a disgusting mop tag or a throwup. THAT IS NICE. Im not thinking oh this here piece is very artistic and quite lovely i must say! Im down with some folks but when it really comes down to it i paint solely for myself and dont even tell other writers i meet that i paint most of the time. People just need to fuck off. Most writers just need to fuck off too. I could ramble on but nah. blah blah blah


If i saw someone wearing a hoodie that said vandal i wouldnt assume they were one. Id actually assume the exact opposite and heckle the fuck out of them.

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there was a kid i went to school with that wore hats and t-shirts of what he wrote, looks like he got them embroidered at the mall at a kiosk. he would wear the shirt and hat at the same time some days.


i don't know why you would be so open to telling people you do that. And what kind of school teaches that stuff to their students?



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my mums is always into banksy and shit, we were driving around houston and saw some NEKST and RTL DTS shit she was like wtf is that a waste of human life they should be hung in the town square,


I then repeated that TOOMEr Quote from that movie



once someone was like but it is destructive, I then gave them an evil grin and said exactly



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Go fight some squirrels on shrooms. I've heard it's fun times.


a few years ago i was walking through the hood w/ the homie tripping on mushrooms and good dose of 4-aco-dmt - well, we're coming down the block and see a squirrel just chilling on a railing on someone's' front porch. we stop to look and not a second later a cat comes flying out of nowhere from the ground four or five feet below (or perhaps some kind of time portal), snaps up this squirrel, briefly looks at us & walks nonchalantly down the steps and around the side of the house, rodent still in tow. fucked my whole head up. we just stood there, jaw-dropped thinking "there's no way that just fucking happened". i was so gone it almost kinda fucked my trip up for a moment. but shortly after we laughed uncontrollably about it. shit like that ONLY happens when you're frying... real talk.


thread derailed...


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