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~~~R.I.P. Sizzurp~~~


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Lean is the only drug I've done that I thought made me feel so good that a serious addiction would be easy so I only do it rarely. Freshman year I would trade this dumbass bar baby an eighth for 8 oz lol that dude eventually started mixing in. Robitussen so I had to end that relation

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aight well i guess jolly ranchers are straight as long as they're not utilized in combination with the two aforementioned materials.


everytime i used to be copping and get dragged along with the dealer to get some lean they'd come back to the car with like two fl. ounces of that trash for fifty-sixty dollars. i'll take a nickel of boy over a whole baby bottle fulla that shit ANYDAY. codeine never did anything for me, anyways. to each their own, to anybody i may have hurt: sorry 'bout your feelins.

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not sure if its quite what you guys have


not quite by any means. the syrup above typically contains phenylephrine (chemical relative of ephedrine/pseudoephedrine - replaced ephedrine in most cold/cough remedies in both the united states & canada since they were discovered to be precursors for methamphetamine manufacture), guaifenesen (which is horrible, and potentially dangerous on the stomach in moderate to larger-than-recommended doses), clorpheniramine (if you want to vomit this stuff will certainly do the trick) and codeine or a combination of the four.


i'd be willing to wager that the stimulant properties of the phenylephrine, though much weaker than the stimulating effects of ephedrine (or its' immediate chemical analogues), combined with the lack of promethazine make this syrup a very different experience from that of lean. the same could probably be said for the taste and consistency as well.


i believe those canadian brand syrups also contain dxm (dextromethorphan hydrobromide), so if you drank say 180+ milligrams of that, you'd certainly trip, though if you're looking to trip by way of dissociative anaesthetics/NMDA receptor-agonists, ketamine or phencyclidine would be much more preferable.


you couldn't pay me to drink that shit.

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