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i fell in love last night?


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Yummy Mommy - m4w (palo alto)

You have to be the Hottest Mommy in the World, bar none!! I first saw you walking in a sun dress. I said to myself "that girl has some really nice stuff go'n on under that dress" and I was more right than I thought. Then I saw you in spandex and I wanted to cry!! hahaha. I felt like a kid in a candy store with no money. You have the sweetest ass I've ever seen, my mouth watered so much wanting to love your yummy ass I almost drowned. (not kidding) i inhaled and choked.. lol I can't take my eyes off of you. Then you walk out of sight and the rest of the day I'm stuck fantasizing that I'm making out with your beautiful Hiney and Licking you sooo Good. That would suit me just fine, licking you really good. Bill Clinton said oral sex isn't sex! lol. I'm starting to agree with him if I could only lick your sexy ass for a long time. You could watch a movie or something. all i'm saying is, what would it hurt if i was just satisfied with licking you everyday as you walked by? it wouldn't be good for me if anyone found out either. so, it would be the greatest non-sex awesome daily thing we could look forward to.


Porkys Pizza ...... - m4w (san leandro)

to the faux-hawked (of changing colors) counter lass ....... i mucho-likee :)

what say we "twirl some dough" ;)


Stop Being so MAD!!! - m4w (willow glen / cambrian)

I got so excited when I saw you driving down Lincoln in your black SUV. You were smiling until you noticed it was me.Your son was in the back seat probally confused why you flipped me off. You said back off until you could break away. I have. You said you dont hate me but you refuse to talk.Why are you so mad? are you afraid your husband will read this?


I am so fucking sick of Kevin Hart

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i say fake....who would fuck on a toilet with shit in the bowl....cant be true....if it was me, i woulda flushed first.


i guess i didn't think of that. just that dude flipped out cuz it went in a public toilet.

but drunk people might.


either way, you may be right on calling humanshit.

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