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i fell in love last night?


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so i was on the last leg of a looong ass bus ride at 2am and this couple gets on the bus. the chick is a nerdy , big glassesed , dark haired bookworm type, (or so it seemed) and the dude looked like a prick too. so the dude gets off a couple of stops before mine. and the girl walks ALL the way to the back of the bus and sits down by me kind of. she starts talking kind of. like dropping hints she wants me to talk to her.... so i spark up a conversation and it turns out shes big into a lot of the shit i am. Hiphop art movies and such. i swear to god i popped a boner under my jacket that was sitting on my lap. had to cover it when i got up to leave. i think she noticed. she didnt want to give up her number tho. cause of the dude's situation she felt bad (fuck that guy) i hope i see her around town again. #threadworthy

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If she didn't give you her number she's not interested. If she was she'd wanna be aroun you again.


Funny thing is, if they do give a number they're not always interested either.

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