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we did have a female member who used to post regularly that just moved on when she became a mom. i've never been good with names so i can't say for certain who it was, but that may have been zebradrips.


(and i'm not thinking of alure or fatalist, who i know for sure had a kid or two each)


someone, feel free to tell me i'm mixing her up with another chick.

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there was a mom by the sn mudpuddles (& her babys daddy) that used to post here regularly. then some whisper in the wind down the grapevine & posts done surfaced, about dow or one of those guys having seen her tits on webcam & said babys daddy getting mad. they obviously dont come around no mo.. idk, maybe its someone else youre talking of

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Jesus Christ.......


When I was told about this thread, it was like a bad memory farting in my ear.



PITOFZOMBIES, I was still posting for a little while after I got my Mod status revoked. That shit annoyed me but didn't phase me. It wasn't a power trip or anything like that, so you're wrong buddy. The reason I stopped was because I got a fucking life! Before, I was working in an office job (hating life), then unemployed, so I had way too much free time on my hands. Then I got offered to actually work at the 12oz "office," and that's six months of my life I'll never get back. I'm not going to go into details, but yeah, in hindsight everything about 12oz was a waste of my fucking time. From posting jokes to working on the shop that was projected to pay me a salary, but apparently failed two weeks after it's launch, to moderating a bunch of degenerates who live behind online personas. How things went down with me was bullshit, but fuck it, water under the bridge now.


Symbols is right, and 100% right, about what happened to me. My life changed, I did what some of you NEED to do, I grew the fuck up. After leaving the 12oz clubhouse, I started working in tv and film and now I'm pursuing a career as a Union Prop Master. My girlfriend and I got married and a year later we had our daughter who is 18 months now. My life is better than ever and the only thing from 12oz that helped that is the friendship I formed with Harvey Wallbanger IRL. He's the person who I have to thank the most for where I am right now because his wife is the one who gave me my break into tv/film, and he is the one who got me into the Art Department. He's probably the most stand up mother fucker I know, and a great friend to have in a city full of assholes.


So to set the record straight, I didn't leave here because I was butt hurt over losing my mod status. I lost my Mod status because a certain someone doesn't know how to run a business, we had a falling out, and when I edited one of the "12oz VIP contest" posts as a joke (that was hilarious), they took it personal and took away my rights. Then went lied to the other mods saying I ruined some big business deal or some bullshit --all lies guys. I really don't give a shit anymore. When I left 12oz there was all this talk about how the store was going to blow up, a new forum was going to launch, and things were going to be huge. It's now almost four years later and I see no store and the forum is the same. So really, me leaving the 12oz clubhouse was the best thing for me. If I didn't, I'd be getting paid a pair of Nikes every year and my daughter would be wearing paper bags for clothes and eating cardboard soup while living under the Manhattan Bridge. Fact is fact and I live in reality now --it's much better.


IOU --I'll drop you a PM.


Symbols --hit me up. If you're ever in NYC again, lets get beers.


Mercer --Thanks for the kind words. I know I was kind of an asshole when shit was going down and we were saying bye to PSM, but no hard feelings.



This doesn't mean I'm going to be back on here posting. I just don't like fools speculating about shit they don't know anything about, so I'm just setting the record straight. There was never any real "power" in my hands, I never thought I had any real "power." The only way I used what you fools call "power" was to curb idiocracy and help people from that idiocracy catching them any heat. I'm sure a few of you think I abused said "power," but that's probably because you're a fucking idiot that annoyed me. I wasn't power tripping, I just didn't like you.

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Shit like that always makes me wonder,


why do people take 12oz/internet a so serious.


How does posting random shit on here, stop someone from growing up and being an adult?


When I am busy, I don't post. When I'm not, I post. I don't let 12oz affect anything I do for real.


It is just the interwebz, it doesn't really matter. Idle time waster oner.


As for the rest of the shit, don't know or care.


Except of course that Raven (or whoever owns this now) hasn't come thru on anything he has said in the last few years.


Not holding my breath.


Earl, happy for you. Good luck in the future.

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Good to hear you're doing well, this place is way boring now given yourself and other regs like Shai, Casek, Bojangles etc. left.


Although I do also think that it's not hard to spend time on here and have a life at the same time. Bit sad to think that anyone's life has ever centered around an internet forum, it's just a place to hang out when you're done with the day.

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y'all were right

i was thinking of christeaazy. she had the kid.


devilush, if i am correct, has two children now.. just as alure does.


hey, what i was totally right about, was the ultimate point of this thread: that earl and harvey rock, oontz has serious issues behind the scenes, and there's a lot more to life than the internet.


hugs and kisses.


email sent earl, i hope we meet up.

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Lot of loud words from people on here, pretty much all of it being one person slant that seems pretty far off the mark as far as I see it.


No doubt that a lot of shit regarding 12oz has been fucked up... You guys are all on here and you see it each time you visit. The login system is jacked, and has been for a long time. There's also a laundry list of other technical issues. This said, Earl is correct in that 12oz wasn't running as a business and he's even correct in that I probably didn't know how to run one. Reality is that 12oz was a labor love, that became a hobby, that somehow managed to grow over the years until it become something to a whole shit ton of people. Along the way, I've tried to pull it together, largely cause its been tough to fund it out of pocket for so freakin long.


Probably the biggest issue is in fact that since it isn't a business, there's no real funding so whatever I can't fix myself or rally a friend (IRL or virtual) to help out with simply doesn't get fixed. 12oz isn't my job, mainly because it isn't able to pay my bills so its left to being the best I'm able to do with what I have to work with. In the past that meant new forum updates, news and blog sections, but much of the time it meant *crickets* while I struggled to figure out how to pay my rent AND keep 12oz from being unplugged. That's just the facts, regardless of what you hear.


This said, I've actually been working on a new website for a long freakin time. Mercer has been part of a couple false starts and also witness to a few people that I borrowed money to pay salaries to, that in the end didn't really do a whole hell of a lot to move this forward. I actually started discussing with some of the mods on here what I've been up to and what I have planned just yesterday.


Honestly, I'm not going to sit here and blow smoke, make any promises or excuses. There's definitely a lot of work being done that I'm hoping everyone will get to see soon enough.

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