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Remember when 12OZ used to be fucked in the head?

Hua Guofang

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I remember times when a new strain of flu was announced or some dude burning his dick off with a failed IED would launch threads of NEW WORLD ORDER LIZARD PEOPLE BILDERBERG FED BANK OBAMACARE and all manner of stupid crazy tin foil hat shit like that. Seriously, was a time when dude couldn't fart without being accused of being Mossad.



Now, there's a whole fucking aircraft that completely disappeared and govts acting all bizarre and stupid. And you fuckers don't care enough to utter even a simple ILLUMINATI or GHOST OF BIN LADEN. You people sicken me.


The fuck is that plane?








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Look dude, almost all of my tattoos involve triangular shapes. I'm the Queen Illuminati and I'm just keeping tabs on oontz to decide whether to recruit you all into my personal NWO army. All the DAO photoshp posts I put up are actually subliminal messages guiding you into the correct form of thinking to adequately defend my new bible that I wrote in the blood of small racoons I import and kill. The CIA is full of people who are actually racoons, you know. I'm gathering all the trash bins in the world into a giant pit I had aliens build for me so we can lure all the CIA there and get into the government's pocket via themany homeopathic remedies companies I secretly own via fake accounts in Geneva.


I've written everyone's IP address(es) on my bedroom wall in glow-in-the-dark paint, and I see your real faces as I gaze upon them at night.

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