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Protect ya nek


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The drinking game “neknomination,” which involves people posting videos of themselves chugging alcohol, has taken an even more dangerous turn after some participants made the switch from beer to hard liquor.



The latest online craze involves people recording themselves chugging or “necking” alcohol while often doing something extreme at the same time. They then nominate others to out-do their feat within 24 hours. Thousands of “neknomination” videos have been shared across the globe.



Alcohol poisoning isn’t LeBlanc’s only worry. The Halifax doctor says that some of the nominations involve people drinking in the middle of the highway or in a swimming pool. “They’re doing things way outside your normal boundaries and there’s a lot of peer pressure around this,” she said.



The online drinking craze has already been blamed for the deaths of two Irish men.

Jonny Byrne, 19, died after jumping into a river during a “neknomination” stunt on Feb. 1. Just hours earlier, Ross Cummins, 22, was found unconscious in a friend’s house in Dublin.



The trend is proof of how quickly social media can spread a movement, according to one social media expert.



"Once something becomes worthy of sharing, it has the potential to spread like wildfire and this is classic example of that," Phil Pallen told CTV Toronto.

While health officials can’t prevent individuals from participating in the drinking game, they say they hope people won’t give in to peer pressure, and that they drink responsibly.

TLDR: Drinking game spreading around on fb where people try to out-do their friends on camera. It was originally intended to raise money for charity I believe. Apparently now it's a major health concern.





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Agreed. If you're stupid enough to do something that'll kill you for a drinking game, all the power to you.


I won't lie I'm having a laugh at all the idiots on my facebook doing these. Going from dudes looking like a bitch cringing chugging a single beer, to people you wouldn't expect pounding back half a 26oz of tequila like its apple juice. I mean, if you're gonna post a response, at least try to make yourself not look like a prissy bitch.

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when we were in high school, my friend made a beer bong. we went to a hardware store & this ol burnout guy was like, wait, you kids making a beer bong? then got super exited to help us. basically got all the parts together & gave us exact instructions. he was nice, i guess


used it like once, then he rinsed it out & put it under his sink (area was surprisingly clean). he took it out some time later & apparently, there was water coiled up inside of it, because a bunch of mini mold balls were present lol. never used it again

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Thank god planking is over...thanks for reminding me of that fuckery.


My FB feed is mainly conspiracy nuts (before I delete them), stupid pictures with phrases people think are clever, and single moms with two-three kids at the age of 22/23 who whine about there being no good men....sorry bitch, im young, hung, and child-less, I don't want to be a step dad.

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