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LA nurgaz


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No nowhere in mind. I like the idea of sunshine, and have a potential hookup for what will most likely be freelance design work...


I was hoping i could narrow down areas to live in by talking to some folks here. Its so vast, google is not much help.

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No prob man. Boob are ok just not gore.

Now I feel like a jerk for suggesting a shitty part of LA


You'll need a car out side of the country is build around freeway systems more than public transit like the east coast


How bout Orange County?

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No car, if I get out there ive heard car is pretty much a must. so ill factor that in.


I guess ideally id live within walking distance to the sea.


whats rent like for 1, living modestly?



Based on what you're saying, you might want to try the Venice area. Or Santa Monica.


Venice rents are increasing due to more gentrification.


Santa Monica is nicer/cleaner, but Venice I guess has a more "cultured" vibe to it and a little grimier. Santa Monica is more expensive overall, but there are affordable areas in SM just as there are in Venice.


Marina Del Rey is in a harbor area near Venice, but is pricier.


Obviously there are other beach areas -- Play Del Rey, El Segundo, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, etc... But Venice is more closer to the "real" LA...

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I would stay in Ireland. Personally, I would never move to LA or Cali unless I was getting a boatload of money for work. But I am also from right outside NYC, so I am biased.


Ireland is one of those places I always want to go live at for a few years.


I have been to LA a few times, and you definitely need a car. Also it is so large, that you have to figure out what type of neighborhood you would like to live in and what fits you, to narrow down your options.


Keep in mind that a ton of people move there all the time to make it "big", and fail. Have a good plan and some resources before you move.

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speaking of l.a., i will be visiting l.a. with my girlfriend around either the mid or end of march or maybe april.


ideas on things to see? ive been to l.a. plenty of times but my gf has never been....night trying to jack the thread, but since its already here some ideas would be nice.


*edit: things we are considering seeing for her first time there include venice beach/3rd st promenade/hollywood & sunset areas/city walk etc....restaurants were gonna hit up are already planned out.

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