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Confessions of a Ninja

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A few heads pm'ed me. One had a pretty universal question on how to get started and ill post just my reply. Also, I sleep solid


This is what I would do. I would get a few pieces of paper and have a nice stretch of isolation 3-5 days. A couple day stretch where you have the most possible 'personal time'. I would then calm myself and begin to enter a 'programmer' type mentality. I would write on that paper 3-5 things that I feel if I could accomplish it would only benefit my life in some major desirable way. I must also explain. I attempt to be Christ like (im not perfect). In my personal journey I attain a lot of strength from praying to Jesus Christ. So when I say desirable I also mean just righteous changes not typically sinful changes, more pure enjoyable changes. Limit yourself to only writing at MOST 5 things on that paper. Now, under each goal, write one thing your can reasonably do to help benefit your chances of obtaining it. Now under that line write on more line saying something you Shouldn't do anymore because its hurting that goal. Now its up to you.

After taking the time to isolate and fully concentrate, no music just meditation. What you are trying to build is what i call Juice. Juice is an emotional overload, kinda like rocky balboa, and it makes you push. Muster juice, and stick to that list the next day. Your day may feel 'off' because i want you to live that day focused on the goal and thinking about it first, and 'living life' second. Be a ninja brain in a human vessel. Allow your vessel to transport you through your work day, while keeping your brain focused on the goals on that paper. What we want to do is eventually conquer and add more items to the list. Once you are doing that kind of thing, your internal subliminal signal cues to the universe are altered, they because more in tune with other like waves. Those waves tend do be 'door openers'. Each may contain a castle. So dont try to do everything at once, write out the paper, force yourself to really think aboutt that in a day (not easy, very easy to type, harder to do, but very rewarding when attempted) and each door opens the next...

Try that and get back to me (or sooner if you like) and let me explain. Getting a 'Castle' doesn't necessarily riches. Having a castle is having a life where you find yourself in a utopian daze just in awe of how things are, and you long for nothing more. All attainable through thought and action. Its the chase toward the finish that is the true wonder. Ride that Steam




ps. didn't proof read once, gotta run for now







So apparently, Drue had a nervous breakdown after that "Steak" battle?

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Change to Crooks Continue to Cash Crush Cicked back in Camouflage Castles


The alliteration ninja of 12 oz? Still with spelling error's, however you must be so busy running a fortune 500 company, or sailing to Catalina to care.


Or maybe photoshopping arrow's onto an R8 so you can email them to Marc Echo for another 250k job offer to decline.......




one lub.

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