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what are you watching RIGHT NOW?


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On 3/27/2023 at 8:08 PM, Schnitzel said:

wwaaaay late on this one



thought she was a smash and was convinced it was live action.


but maybe not



always like an anthropomorphic character





Just started this series. 

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4 hours ago, KNIFU said:

LUGR I was watching the new seasons of B&BH on soap last nite its on there if your interested. i think the new season 2 is coming out RN.

A bunch just popped up on my YouTube.


I may watch a few eventually, not really holding my interest at the moment.

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rare wake n bake and a cup of coffee...its been so long since i seent the american robotech that i kinda forgot they really did take 5 whole ass mecha anime with nothing in common and turduckened the shit out of them into one.


also holy shit we really did wake up as kids early as fuck on weekends just to watch people get blown up in space or shot in war


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tracked down all 3 live action adaptations of this manga and about to sunday binge n bake.



movie 1



movie 2: parts 1-2



movie 3



so much for doing shit else other than binge watching these today



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