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what are you watching RIGHT NOW?


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3 hours ago, Kults said:

oh fr? guess mileage may vary, I didn’t get into it

It was a pretty slow build and I can see there being some fatigue of the current political climate for sure.

I literally just finished reading At The Mountains of Madness by HPL so the climax of the episode was awesome for me.  Looking forward to the rest of the season based on the series look ahead too.

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wypeepoh bad 


that aside, it didn’t hook me. the intro was like... huh? then a drawn out 25 min scene of people dancing? zzz I checked out 


im into lovecraft but this one isn’t for me 


FWIW I also thought Get Out was trash. Guess I should have known it would be more of the same. I dont get why people think Peele is some kind of genius. 

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11 minutes ago, Dirty_habiT said:

^^ Are you saying you watched the first episode of the Wire? @KILZ FILLZ


That is EASILY one of my favorite television series and probably what introduced me to binge watching shows on streaming media sources.


Such a good show.

I think thats the second season. Streets were S1, Port S2


I agree, one of the best shows. Seen Gen Kill? Not as good but some classic Simon nihilism 





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2 hours ago, KILZ FILLZ said:

Watched the first ep last night


i wonder if it’s going to be an adventure of the week format

or if we will follow those same characters on their green book road trip


I liked it

There was a series look ahead after the epi and it looks like it'll be more of the latter - exploring the main character's 'Birthright' 

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