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Came up on a physical copy of The Living Human Curiosity Sideshow so I am going back through the Aesop Rock discography. (He says his new solo album is untitled as of late but is closer to finished than started)

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And Slayer drops a new single tomorrow. I've bought every slayer album on the day it came out since South of Heaven and would like to say I am hyped about Repentless but with only half the band and them giving in to the loudness wars, I am worried this will be their version of Metallica's St. Anger. Fingers crossed.


I know they have brickwalled their shit since God Hates Us All but I am a hopeless optimist.

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The new Pete Rock - Petestrumentals2 is cool music to listen to as you go to sleep.


I like music period. Not saying there isn't garbage more than good but,I'll give anything a chance. This made the cut.


I was going to let the viking white power shit slide but feel he need to comment. First of all. fuck outta here and second of all, Bound For Glory did it much better.

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Not representative of their viking white power bullshit but I do dig that tune.

5 minute edit = post train off the rails and I don't like it.

what's wrong with the white power music?? please dont tell me its racist...if its racist how you would rate this shit? not racist maybe just cuz its a black hip hop band and black people cant be racist,cmon...

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It's cheesy and cheap. While I disagree with the message, that's not the whole of the dislike. The music itself is subpar. I came up in the punk scene of the mid 80's so it's not like I am unfamiliar or just some overly PC asshole. Odinists are a whole different group and I don't know what to say to you. Get a grip. It's a whole new century and you lost. Accept it. Or don't. There is a whole world of amazing music you'll miss out on with the same three chords, same message, same production, same smoke another cigarette growl. Ian Stuart covered that too. Nothing new to add.


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