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Music tech question:


So I'm sick of my ipod in my car, I have a USB input for the car deck. When I put a thumb drive in with loaded music it reads it, but I'm unable to search/scan the music other than a forward/back method. The deck tells me to add a database: How do I do that?




If you haven't listened to this album ever you need it in your life. I love that these guys are as angry and relevant as they were when I first started listening to them in junior high.

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i use a flash drive for my car deck too..i have the same problem...of just going up and down...but i have my files in folders so i can jump to the folder i want and forward to the track i want....im guessing adding a database might mean imputting data on the files so that you can search for them....i dont use the search feature on my deck....i only bought the deck a few months ago so im not sure but i have a pioneer...adding a database might be specific to your deck.


i would get the model number of your deck and google the instruction manual to find how to add a database....also try searching youtube...i was trying to do a few things with my deck and couldnt find it in the manual, so i youtubed it and found it.

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Well my cigarette lighter doesn't work so I guess I'll have to stick to burning cd's. It would be interesting to see if it could be done though.



Grabbed that French Montana and dig it.

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