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A New Year


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wasn't sure where to put these. I use to post all my bench flicks in a michigan benching thread but I couldn't find it. mind you, I DO NOT have not a lot of history on freight writers, I know the obvious, so I flick everything. if these are not of quality writer wise for the thread, my bad, just posting up my new bench spot. peace.

























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DSD, as I see it I don't mind toy freights as long as there's some good shit too per post. I mean what's out there is what's out there, might as well document it.


As far as where to put them, you may just want to start a new thread next time. Just be like "Freights caught in Michigan, or Detroit" or "Fuck all of you-freights" (Lil joke on your personality heh heh.) just call it whatever. I don't mind being piggybacked on here but peeps probably checked my thread before and might not even know it's been added to. So yea, maybe start a new thread. I gotta spread some rep before I can prop you again, thanks for the flicks here and in Detroit, it's so slow around here we need all we can get.

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in 50 years, documenting the toy shit will be important. When i used to bench on the NY subways kids used to say - why you shooting that wack shit. Now those same "wack fliks" are rare. If you are into documenting this culture, shoot until your heart is content. in the age if digital photography when you have 1 million flik capacity on a digi card, why not? I remember missing a lot of fliks cause all i had was a roll of 24exp film..


keep benching!!

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