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ANTI STYLE what why when where

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Drugs crew San Fransico early 90s with ORFN, Sprays, OMG.


It is older than you would think.


those crews QFK and BKF were the only crews for a while bombing that kind of "anti-style" for a while.


Not necessarily a fan of all of it, but it has a little history to it.


Jeans and ORFN are amazing bombers for sure.

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I always thought UFO 907 from New York being the first guy to do ugly graff that was accepted as "anti-style" or whatever, but I don't know if that was before during or after what ORFN and them were doing out West. Also OZE 108 comes to mind, maybe some other KYT cats too...

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WHAT: intentionally toy or strange styles, comes from 70s ny graffiti graffiti, 80s and 90's SF bus hopper styles, or its just completely something unique, no rules

WHY: FUCK IT, the joy of spraying, no rules, fuck traditional graffiti funk.

WHEN: Late 90's early 2000's


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"DRUGS is the abject fringe of graffiti. It is a collective of both experienced and young artists who have, at some point in their development, become deeply alienated by the aesthetic and social state of contemporary graffiti. In the current culture of graffiti the authority that DRUGS Crew works against has moved beyond vandal squads and angry property owners and now extends to the new pigs found in the mono-culture of graffiti artists that police the graffiti world through websites, blogs, sponsored graffiti jams and corporate tie ins. Their rejection of form in a medium defined by subjective hierarchies has produced some of the most original, yet superficially labeled “bad”, graffiti of recent years. DRUGS Crew’s deconstructive aesthetic in this microcosm sets aside the need to technically measure up to the work of their peers, focusing more on expressing the emotions felt while committing a subversive act."














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