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Graffiti Vid of the year!


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Am I being a dick if I point out that most of these actually say 7up, and that most random people who see that probably instantly think of the soda?

If you're going to do a 1 with the kick off at the top left, then shouldn't you also do the bar at the bottom to make it a 1 and not a 7?

Or are the numbers just written differently in Europe?


I've always felt that europe in general just has completely different rules on letter (and apparently number) structure. Sometimes I really like it, and wish I could be as liberal with form as they are; this is not one of those cases.

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Or are the numbers just written differently in Europe?




From Wikipedia:

Most people in Continental Europe and Latin America write 7 with a line in the middle, sometimes with the top line crooked.

The line through the middle is useful to clearly differentiate the character from the number one, as these can appear similar when written in certain styles of handwriting.

This glyph is used in official handwriting rules for primary school in Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Poland and other Slavic countries, as well as in France and Germany.


So over here nobody would read this as "seven up" because there's no "line in the middle".

Oh and also they paint shrooms and stuff, and rooftops I heard, so..

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I've always felt that europe in general just has completely different rules on letter.


ya when youv got a hershey squirt thats index' to represent the letters 'M / 'B / 'S and 'H all at once including an action figure, customized kicks logo and its own color in the rolodex of the newest hipsterest cOntana paint shatalog you know theres integrity issues.


when i look at graffiti i want to look at the application of a letter, word, message, symbol or characterized figure or figure(s) done illegaly.


if not done illegaly and presented on either a paid for by profit commercial wall or any easy like sunday morning thumb up yer bum bake a cake two loaves of bread and eatin with a blob of cheese onna no risk no frisk birkenstock block im only even seein the shit if its done so in an over the top at one time nearly unatainable with materials available like CLEAN, above average in skill, done so in an interesting, creative, intellegent and individualistic approach -or- in a progressing, growing writer that i have seen previous examples from before hand to which a lesser magnitude of any previously stated variables making real REAL and a steal a STEAL.


shit ill even put on x-ray grlasses stand on my head while rubing my stomach three times while scratching my balls if it means i can see where the letter(s) come through but pour gold over dog shit laying on the park sidewalk and tell me its the golden goods ill be real quick to call it SHIT.


just cause some 'outside lookin in or 'inside empty brain of tin thinkin his empty brain of thin is actually seein something only the sheep could call win dont mean fuck all to me.


the fuck outta here with slob blob.


EUROPE's badges come from colors, next level cleanliness, architect like layouts and the manufacturing and maturing of the MADE-FOR-GRAFFITI tools that even the old scrooges like me have shut there yaps about because shit, they dUn ch@nGed thU gHame.


props europe, just pull up them letter socks and youll solid up like rock.

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oh and i should ad, in true cos fashion i did not apart from 'Fists post read the thread, click any links or so much as to even skim previous pages.


so that being said, in true 12oz fashion take my comment with a generalized grain of salt.


or meth. grain of meth er some shit, whatever floats yer boat.

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I think the Euros have taken bombing to the next level too. Those whole car gangbangs where 12 dudes cover a whole side in 4 mins flat.


nah man you need to regrip on your outlook at graffiti.


graffiti is not about terrorized gangbangs graffiti is about being slick. all that shit kills the art of a dope spot, or a sneaky tag.


graffiti should be done on the sly, this is a key component to the art of the graffiti and i aint talkin style when i use that word as i reffrain as much as possible from using the 'a' word when speaking on our culture. im talkin the makeup of elements that create and generate dope graff as in say 'the art of a box car.


the designing elements to the outside world and aswell as the designing and designers of say, the box car. they are rectangular in shape, why? because that is the most efficient for transporting products to maximize the square footage. they are made of heavy steel, why? because they carry thousands of lbs of products over long stretches of travel exposed to all of earths weather conditions. they travel on round wheels as opposed to SQUARE ONES, why? because that is how they travel efficiently. the engineers designing freight systems decades ago that have not made barely any adjustments, decades later, because they are designed for EFFICIENCY.


now, the irony here is that we as graffiti writers see the art in them for a variety of components unseen to the passer by.


we, see the art of rust. a sign of age, a sign of travel, a sign of longevity because we want our shit to ride. we, see the art of a company's branding. because we see beauty in either the rarity/obscurity of the car or on the flipside the magnitude of abundance of said car because we, want our shit to ride and we know it will on these cars. we see the art of color, because we want our shit to pop while it rides and adjust the color(s) we apply to coincide with that cars color. etc etc etc


same goes with the art, of graffiti cuz to me. that word aint got nothin to do with the graff itself its got everything to do with the graff itself and this is just bad news to me and anyone on this olderistic wavelength and/or(hopefully) the newer kids maybe reading this and perhaps taking some ownership in what im speaking.


breaks down like this: graff should be made up of like 60% style/originality, 10% pop, 10% application(color/medium/overallappeal), and like 20% spot on a whole and changes in percentage for every writer, for every spot, every tag, every piece, everytime for everything due to enviroment.


all that graffiti gangbang bullshit is dumb. it heats the fuck outta graff, graff scenes and graff spots and/or mediums(passenger cars etc). it creates stiffer penalties for everyone else that been doin it for years and still be doin it for years long after these idiots balyclava'd up 12deep hostage taking live subway cars for a train buffed within 24hr on principle alone and youtube fame from a buncha people without value or citizenship card for the culture and ANY GROUP OF 12 IDIOTS WITH A VIDEO CAMERA CAN GO OUT AND DO THIS ON ANY GIVEN DAY WITH ANY GIVEN AMMOUNT OF "SKILL" OR LACK THERE OF.


gimmie a two color sneaky stock cap scratch fill straight letter rooftop kiddie corner to a ground level heat spot any day of the week a 1000x over 12 fucktards in skimasks literally holding up an entire commuter FULL of wallets/credit cards/jewlery and electronics to paint graffiti?


the same graffiti i preech so highly about? yeah, they pussy to me. and they stupid.


and they fuckin it up for everyone else, the fuck outta here with that shit.

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and i aint even a freight guy, but im a true graff guy and have so much respect for what we do and all components of what makes graffiti graffiti so much so that i dont even paint trains because there for the guys that have an even deeper love for them than i.


so seeing shit like that erks the fuck outta me cause they shittin on everyone else while they shittin on themselves.

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remember, i have not read the thread or clicked the links.


i have however been to gas station bathrooms where the toilet had not been previously flushed, think about that for a minute.







































































































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I don't know, I read his point loud and clear, even if I don't agree with it.


No spot is getting blown up, they are doing it on rail platforms. I agree that it's confronting to passengers and guards given you have large groups of masked up and organised dudes creating menace but a bomb is a bomb and bombing is a central element to graf. I'm also a brick person myself and I prefer to piece. However there's something impressive to me in the preparedness, execution and sheer audacity of a fucking wholecar on a station platform in 4 mins flat!


I don't think they are blowing up spots and I don't think they are necessarily making things worse for the rest of us. Neither you nor I paint in Germany or Europe at all for that matter and I can't see these cats doing platform wholecars in Australia either. So it really means nothin to me and I'd guess you, COS either. I prefer piecing but I respect the bomb.

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