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Graffiti Vid of the year!


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it obviously appeals to a wider audience outside of graffiti hence all the views so quickly, simply based on the WOW factor.


the average person isnt going to take away and remember Ironlak and Sofles.. they are just gonna ask their buddy.. "did you see that crazy graffitin' video on youtube?"


here this week, gone next week.

thank you internet.


i still prefer the Blu videos.

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I wasnt aware i needed to explain anything. This really is like an ad for ironlak, which is chinese shit in a can and unless its free and youre painting a legal wall its useless. This isnt graffiti, this is "graffiti art" and I think thats not only boring but not even close to a graffiti video. I dont even know why i started posting again. I guess if you know, then you know. This shit is not graffiti.

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When I was little, like 7 or 8, I was totally in love with Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman.


When I was 13 I had a dream that I was going down the stairs to my bedroom and there she was, Spread out on my floor in lacey pink number I'd recently admired in a pilfered Victoria's Secret catalog.


I would like to live out that dream with that broad.

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I always liked to see Sofles bombing around the traps. Or rock up to a spot and there's a new DTS lineup. This just kinda takes away that excitement though. I appreciate the video work more than the wall in this.

Agree with Boats though, I like the first video more.


If I want to watch graffiti videos, this is what I want to see -

Mike DFM

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i kinda liked the first video in this series too, both were fun to watch. A little overproduced for my taste. Wish i could be in their shoes.


got me way more motivated to go do things though.


edit: same one that daily ops posted




must spread rep

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I've had several people share Limitless on my FB wall cos I like teh graffitiz. It's kinda cute of my friends :)


I do love Ironlak's vids of Sofles (I don't think ironlak is TOO bad but yeh, wouldn't pay for it, just end up with a can here and there from swaps). As films THEY ARE DOPE. And Sofles IS DOPE. Actually, I enjoy a lot of Ironlak's vids...


However, gimme a vid of someone risking everything to cover a transport tunnel in throwies and my heart starts to race proper style.

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