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Scribble Jam 2014

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Scribble Jam just announced their 2014 version. They will fund this through Kickstarter and they need to raise 100 000 $ to make tis happen. So they really need the support from fans.


Scribble used to be the biggest Hiphop event in the USA and they stopped after 2007. And if they don't get the funds they need this time they won't try to organize this again. So this is really the last chance to make this happen.


You can read more about it in the link.


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I'm glad they are bring it back but they sure aren't doing it the way hip-hop should be done.

Diplo? Why the fuck should he be there.

And some of the other dudes are a little too big/overrated IMO.

Wiz Kalifa? Not a fan.


Why couldn't they go for more underground heads? KRS, Immortal Tech, and RA isn't even on the list.


Just seems like a digression, not a progression. But what the fuck do I know.

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I could understand if they gave it a year to raise the funds, but 2 months?


kickstarter only gives you 60 days to raise funds or you get nothing, not even part of what you raised..


glad to see them coming back and I wish them much success. if i had the cash i would definitly donate!!!

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A few, and I do mean few of the acts would be cool to see.

But they are aiming too high.

The fuck does Snoop or Wiz have anything to do with anything?


I remember when half the performers were the battlers themselves.

It use to be interesting in the back pack days.


Come on now Dibbs!


Things'll never be the same.

If you want to put on some super show then do it.

But I don't see this going hand in hand with D.J.s Graff writers, and even the bboys

At least in the past there was a sense of everyone being on the same page


The real heads aren't going to be there... the ones who supported this cause for years. This has turned into a watered down event for hipster faggots, and fuck boys.

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