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Hua Guofang

What do you do with your SCRAPS?

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Don't think this thread will generate much, but worth a try.


I've been saving my scraps for a few years, anything that's quarter of a can and under gets chucked in to one of those big old boxes TVs used to come in before they were flat. That box is now full and I gotta do something with them.


I'd like to mix some colours but I don't have the space where I can get messy. I was going to do the "wall of colours/ white word outline" wall but that's kinda played and kind of bitey too. I'm thinking it's going to end up being a big simple style stomper with multi-colour 80/90s style fill.


Got me thinking - anyone here ever done a "scraps project" where they've actually planned something out from the start?

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crack them,


hold knife handle at wall bang scrap scan on pointy end


flick can to spread the resulting mess and then outline over it!


Or you could use them for fills.


I outline in dark colours and after a few pieces I have enough dregs to work on a dark fill with light outlines.


but the big stomper idea is a good way to go.


if you're painting legals I would just take all of them and use them in one hit.


I did one that emptied 40 dreg cans but the fills were god awful - more me than anything the cans did.


but that's the only tiem I've Planned anything using scraps. regardless of the fact they are scraps you still get attached to one that is coming out really good! only for you to need that one more squirt!

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I just throw them away on hollows and other stupid stuff after the piece - nothing special.


if you've been saving them for a few years you likely have some old/discontinued colors.. save those for little accents on future pieces! i love coming across an unusual/oddball color in a piece, it shows some forethought.

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Yeah, I have a bunch of discontinued local lines such as Aeroskills, Tanq and a few old Montanas, etc.


Think I'll go with a big stomper with a multi-colour mirror finish with heaps of do-dads in the fill. Ha, probably a recipe for disaster, to be honest!


And I might keep a few of the blacks and whites if there is enough in them and they are right on the sweet spot. I'd probably continue saving for another year if I could but I'm running out of bloody space in the car hole.

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If I have two blacks that are almost dead I'll take those and a full one with me painting


I usually burn thru my scraps and toss the cans in the trash somewhere away from the spot

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