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Yall niggas was gunning for Neckface just a few years ago.

Now yall praising his son.

Food for thought.


I never had anything against neckface, don't get all umad over banksy either.


Everyone, including Beiber can do whatever they want, I simply don't care. I still enjoy sketching and painting walls regardless and the rest of the world can go fuck itself. Or not, either way.


People care too much.

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I actuall think I slightly less die inside than upon reading about the 33 yo man who spent $100k to look like Bieber, including some mad chelsea smile type fucking surgery.




Both make me ache for the end of days, but the kid being a graf toy and a poser is kinda less, sort of. I think.


I am confused by life today.

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No, not food for thought at all. I don't even know what neckface is. There is no exception being given to someone who draws dicks everywhere, shit is gay, but shit should be ignored.



Neckface and Lush are the equivalent to niggas drawing dicks everywhere.


I'm thinking Glicks would punch you then permaban you for acting like you never heard of neckface then turning around and defending his son.


Maybe I been fucking with 12oz for too long.

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So wait, is this really Beiber doing this shit or Lush?

I thought somebody already exposed that it was Lush playing games?


Bieber painted "Street Art," and then Lush painted "Lush Art" in the same style...if you can call it that.


You've been drinking a lot lately, huh?

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