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Who really cares about sandwiches??


I went to subway yesterday and got a steak something. It had cheese, it had chopped steak/meat. It had whatever I told the girl to put on it. I was hungry, it filled me up. $5.75.


No one gets more or less respect/props/whatever for what they eat when they are hungry. What the fuck is wrong with some of you all?

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By "home" did you mean Delaware county? 15 mins outside of Philly in the burbs? Where you grew up and went to high school... Fraud ass, unmelted cheese eating Bol.



Sounds just like people who tell my they're from Chicago.

Me: "Oh yeah? What part?"

Some Dao'ish fucktard: "Kankakee."


DAO can spell High School?!

This Texan absolutely Daoidn't ever go to high school. Maybe walked by one but that's about it.


I lived there


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DAO the type of nigga...


... To think Yuengling = yin.yang.small.gif


... To go to a craft brewery & drink Budweiser


... To rack boxed wine


... To think malt liquor is made with Whoppers


... To soak a tampon in Strawberry Boone's Farm & use it as a suppository


... To think butt chugging with young bols is 'keeping it real' in Delaware County

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DAO the type of nigga...




... To use a Philly Hot Pocket as a Fleshlight


... To cite Wikipedia when arguing with Theo


... To learn about history from the back of sugar packets at Cracker Barrel


... To make KnifeHits wait for him at the airport while he "goes Greyhound"


... To argue with his reflection

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So wait... DAO is from Delaware but reps Philly?


No, I lived in Delware County PA for like 2 years and this nigga who grew up in Montgomery county PA thinks that's dirt on me.

Even though he actually grew up in Montgomery county.


If he really did his homework, He'd know that I was actually born in another country due to my pops being in the military.

Which almost cancels my Philly "citizenship" as much as his.


I might actually have somebody film our encounter next time I'm in Philly.

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