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Renters insurance?


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Last year some crazy bitch broke into a friends apartment and lit it on fire, burning down the whole apartment building. Didnt find out that she was the cause of the fire till the dumb bitch bragged about it on facebook. Eventually cops nabber her, and shes in a mental ward now.


Dude lost everything. Pretty much everyone in the apartment building didn't have insurance. They lost all their shit too.


Get renters insurance.

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I have it through USAA, pretty cheap.


Haven't had to use it, hope I don't, but I feel better about it. I'm not going to keep my comic book collection in a bank vault or risk losing thousands of dollars in bicycles without it.


The only firsthand situation I have with renters is this: I had a bike worth about 2 grand at a friends house, we'd ridden that day, and were going to ride in the morning so we left our bikes locked on his hitch rack. In the night the locks and cables was cut, our bikes were taken, and a couple of his neighbor's bikes got taken. His renters insurance gave him a check for my bike (he said it was his) and though the check was half of what I paid for the bike, it sure as shit was better than nothing.

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insurance in general is a scam, imo

it's rarely or never come through for me or my fam

i only have homeowner's cuz it's required with a mortgage (and i would not make a claim except for a burglary or large fire)

never had renters


that said, i don't own a TV that costs a bajillion dollars

i have a nice sofa and a good computer

otherwise i think material shit is for the birds

so who knows, i might be the wrong person to ask

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Renters Ins is a great companion to auto insurance.


When I lived in Chicago, it was pretty custom to have your apartment robbed.

I'm on my phone so I'll spare the burglary stories.


Where Renters Ins comes in handy is when your car gets broken into.

Car insurance won't cover your non-stock accessories.


I've filed 2 claims in the past, one in Chi, one in AZ.

Auto ins won't cover radar detectors, speakers, CDs or whatever the fuck else you'd got gotten for.

But renters insurance will cover your possessions.


Both times my car got broken into I made up all sorts of shit and profited both times.

The key is in what you claim. I "claimed" I had a suitcase each time. Renters Ins pays out $50 per pair of jeans, 20-30 for shirts. $15 each CD.... Claim they boosted your 100 pack. Then claim any other item from your apt you "left in the trunk that day."


If you live in a high crime area, renters Ins all day.

Not sure about weather related things, I never lived in an area where an act of god was even remotely possible.

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Mos Def worth it I pay 20 bucks a month. Had a home invasion once - got my door kicked down, damaged windows, shit like that Insurance covered everything. Also Renters insurance covers your car, if you get something stolen from it like your radio, jewelry. But you need to take photos of everything you own and submit it to your insurance company so they file it.

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