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Oh 12oz, where have you gone?


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Im doin my best. She sent me a 'muah' txt a bit ago, which as far as im concerned means 'were still gonna bang and ill let u piss in my holes'. Well see though. Its slim pickins on kauai, when it comes to women, so the chances of meeting a girl there that is down for butt peeing is slim to fuckin none.

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I slept on that idea hella tough. I had the better part of a garbage bag filled with toads in my freezer and my roommate eventually through them out. She sold food at farmers markets and the food was kept cool in the same freezer that my toads were in. The tourists woulda freaked if they knew they were eating a dessert that was stored a foot away from a huge collection of poisonous toads.

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I pissed in my last gfs vagina. We discussed peeing in the butt but never got around to it.


When I was 7 years old the only thing I knew about "humping" was that the dude got on top of the chick and went "uhh... uhh... uhh..."

And that they did this while being naked.

I learned this from my fellow 2nd graders who thought that I was a fucking retard for not knowing what humping was.

I took this idea and ran with it and came up with the brilliant plan of sticking your dick into the chicks pussy and peeing.

I obviously had no more of an idea what cumming was than these other 2nd graders who were clowning me for not knowing what "humping" was.

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She knew I was gonna piss in her. She didnt want me to piss in her while on her bed so we went in the shower. It took a minute tho cause I had to go in her while hard and then relax and let it get soft while still inside of her so I could piss.


I was having a real shitty fucking week up until this point.


happy hump day.

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New fav thread.


I can't imagine letting a dude pee in my vagina, or arse, or mouth, or even on me.


The choking thing is intriguing tho.




you're missing out TDB







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I may not be the smartest guy - but here is my proposition to "fix" the log in issue::::::and forum clockz


Step one - Get donations for a code expert, from all of us. I will gladly donate.

Step two - Hire said expert, or whomever can render the problem solved for the $. Someone here knows one. I do.

Step three - profit from steady user increase and returning users who can stay logged in and post tits.


I use this site nearly every day and first started using it in 2001 - it's worth a donation, it's been pretty steady lulz for almost 13 years now, but logging in every ten minutes is teh sucks.

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