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Shit that makes you feel old.


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On the topic of getting up I've just landed in Beijing after a two and a half year absence and it seems this city is squarely on the beaten track now. Place has been walked by a bunch of folk, saw some 1up simples near the hotel and a bunch of other shit. When I was here last myself and one local crew were the only kids in town, bar one or two curious internationals passing through. Things have changed...., documenting for the interested.

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thought mb was long out.

that's cool to hear, in asia no less



MB is a true bomber. A fucking legend over and over.

He never fell off.

MB has been doing his thing since the 70's when he was in elementary school, and he's my fucking oldhead.

He was my fucking combo at one point.

I know Espo's book tried to play him like he fell off, but that was because MB had beef with Suroc, and Suroc was homies with Espo.

That was just politics and propaganda.

We all slow down, but he never ever stopped writing.

Don't take my word for it, ask any real Philly nigga who ain't from ICY.

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MB is to Philly as JA, Cope, and Ces all rolled up into one is to NYC.

He really is and always has been that dude on every aspect of graff since the time he was in elementary school.

I mean, obviously my dude ain't getting it in like he did when he was a kid, but I still talk to him on a regular basis and best believe he's still getting whiteout and marker tags on daily basis.

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new names for the same old drugs that people have been using forever




Niggas calling E "molly" and acting like it's some new shit.


Reminds me of back in the 80's when the media was making a big deal about this new drug called "Ice" that was fucking up the kids, only to find out later that Ice is just another name for Meth and that it's been fucking up the kids since the 60's.

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came home for a holiday, jumped on the train to go to a dope burger joint i haven't been to in years. train goes past my old high school, little fuckers jump on the train...i used to be those midget fucks...damn. and i ain't even old yet.


also, people who were born after the turn of the century, some of those dudes are already teenagers...

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Realising that actually, yes, at 14 you have no fucking idea about the way the world works and how cynicism creeps up on you argument after argument with morons and you learn to just let that shit go and embrace seeing the world as it is and knowing we're fucked yet it's still beautiful.


There is a kind of glorious freedom in learning that, cos it can help you live for the moment. Existence is the meaning of life. We're a fucking anomaly. That's amazing.


We're like the test group in a cosmic experience gone awry. Useless but meaningful nonetheless.

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Well, as no paramters were set in the thread title, I feel able to post in here what makes me feel old.


Also, age 14 does not lay out my birthdate, does it? I could be 76 for all you know. My point was at 14 I thought I knew the world, at my age now I know I don't. It's a fair few years later.


Pretty entertaining though. I'm glad you know 14 year olds with kind of insane mental flexibility. Maybe the human race isn't doomed.

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