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Dating(banging) a woman twice your age


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So...it seems like no one ever spills their personal life on here anymore...so in comes me.


Basically I met an older woman on campus two years ago.

It was like some corny scene out of a movie, we met in the park in autumn, I was a Junior, she was doing research for the university.


She's tall, auburn hair, just a real good looking woman with that Velma from scooby do swag. We clicked right away and began chatting away as an hour eclipsed in no time. I had a feeling that she was into me but I wasn't sure if she was just being friendly and was flattered to have a younger guy pay her attention.


I made moves though, got her digits and kept in touch with her. Fast forward a little and weve since banged many a time, been on vacation together, and spent a fair amount of time together.


It's always great when we go out, we obviously get stares, some confused, some disgust, some envious. The best part is pissing ''traditional'' people off, and making friends with those who think it's awesome what we do.


She has two kids...which, I hate children, don't want any, don't usually like even being around them but her two kids are great and they're young enough that it's not weird. Her son is cool as shit, and her daughter is a sweetheart.


For obvious reasons we arent ''together'', we had even stopped talking but reconnected the other day and it was special to see her again, and im back to being unsure what to do...other than muff dive her.


So fellow Oontzers, any of you get down with the older women or have a similiar situation?

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Im not going to ever seriously settle down with this woman, im pretty good at thinking ahead.


Flingy dating while she still has 5-10 more years of good looks wouldnt be too bad.


Ive got too many irons in the fire anyway, im no where close to being with just one woman.

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No I havent fisted her.


We did do some roleplay though, that was mucho bueno.


Other than that nothing too crazily kinky.

I did wake up one time while we were on vacation in NY and she was raping me while I was asleep....hell of a way to wake up.


Not to mention it's nice to be able to cum in a beezy and not have to worry about kiddies.

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Never long term.


Recently I was with a broad 12 years my senior, two kids. I live in far too remote/small community to let that shit get out though, so I had to kill the idea. The ex-husband still lives in town as well. I hate kids also, at the moment anyway. Coming around to the idea, but I could never be 'daddy' to some other blokes offspring.


I have only been with two older women, and both of them fucked like they were just back from war.

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There will be no fist banging, despite two kids that snatch is decently tight.


The roleplay was nothing like that sadly... basically one time she got me to act like I was an electrician making a house call...I barely had to do anything to dress the part but I sold it like Broadway.


In return I got her to do Velma from Scooby Doo for me....not only did she pull it off perfectly but she was really cool about the execution. She told me what day and when she was coming over, so I was chilling at the casa waiting...and I get a phone call from her. She said something along the lines of ''Hello, this is Velma from the whatever whatever paranormal activity service, weve heard there has been some strange things going on in your neighborhood and ill be conducting an interview if that's alright with you?'' So she rolls in dressed in a red skirt, nerd shoes & glasses, orange sweater and man did I fuck her into tomorrow.


@ Cool_Hand, ill see what I can do. I had a great picture of them she sent me but lost it on my previous phone. Ill ask her to send me a picture in the coming week. She's got tig ole bitties.

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