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>> Corporate food trucks.


corporate food trucks  

18 members have voted

  1. 1. corporate food trucks

    • I think its great. moar food trucks!!
    • fuck that.. it aint fair. its just wrong maaaan.
    • who cares about this pfft!? i dont.
    • boogie food in the streets.

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eh, can't limit competition. and the "real" food trucks will probably survive the trends. they were born of necessity, not trendiness. they might be hurt right now by the fast food giants - but real ones care more, have better quality, and are simply more appealing (generally).


that's enough for me.

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hard to explain that to people who wont think outside the box.



You mean "think outside the bun"?



I'm not sure it'll take. The same people who eat fast food now will likely be the patrons of these new trucks.

The people who eat at food carts are typically looking for higher quality food than what chains have to offer. There's usually a McDonald's or Taco Bell right down the way anyway, but that doesn't mean people want to eat there.


It's a free market, and as long as they don't run out the carts that are there now (no way in hell, here in Portland) then I don't really give a shit.

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Yeah, market does what market wants and people obviously want to eat flavourless shit full of sugar, salt and fat. Their choice. Hard to see those guys pushing out the existing trucks in Austin city center, not the kind of market they'd really prosper in either.


More like market does whatever it wants when the people are conditioned to not give a flying fuck what they put into their mouth, as long as the market doesn't pay them shit and the shit that they are shoveling into their mouth is the only shit that they can afford to shovel into their mouths.


I also don't see this shit taking off in Austin anymore than I see it taking off in places like SF.

Just skimmed the other posts to see if anybody from Austin is commenting anything about anything like this taking off In Austin.

Austin and 99.999999999999999% of America are not the same place.

Not even close.

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same shit different venue.

There are fast food restaurants and fine dining restaurants, and a multitude in between.

The same will be with food trucks, people make their own fuckin choice in the end.

I think It's bullshit that there will be taco bell and kfc food trucks, but I'm certainly not surprised.

Errybody hungry, errybody eatin, I would strongly encourage you all to support your local businesses rather than corporate entities.

At least you know your money is going to hard working individuals instead of CEOs...

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I don't get these

And I don't get those 'gourmet' food truck deals either


They are for people who want to eat off a gut truck but aren't willing to commit to the real deal


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As long as they do not sabotage access to spots by other vendors I would say that such a trend would only serve to help smaller vendors.


Back in the coffee cart craze in Seattle the best place to set up was next to a Starbucks, then they changed the laws and pretty much banned coffee carts that were not grandfathered in. Now there are none in the downtown core and maybe 2 in the city as a whole. Starbucks still knows that the best place to set up is next to one of their stores so they set up across the street from each other.


I miss coffee carts, the food truck thing has been hampered here because of legal issues.


I have noticed that many of the taco trucks are actually franchises as well, you would not notice on first look but many visits to multiple trucks shows a consistency in menu and decor etc. Maybe not franchises but ready made business purchases.


Franchising shit is crazy, I looked at starting a business a couple years back and was really surprised to see how common it is for things that you would think are either part of a big company or independent.

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Fuck all that noise...

I think if those trucks were in Austin...people would get shit thrown at them for supporting them...


We are big on trailer food here...I live so far south, we just got a bus route by my house, and I have a taco truck right down the street...


If it's actually done right...it's the shit...


BTW...If anyone is ever in town...Cesar Chavez and Pleasant Valley...bad ass taco truck...get the green hot sauce...

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being vegan there aren't a lot of food truck options for me

that said, they are popular round my way

saw a dunkin donuts one the other morning and thought :nope:


the country could use a turn back to mom n pop if you ask me


this isn't the one i saw:





i saw one like this dumb ass one




i'd rather go to a place like this





or even this



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^ Which is why I don't think it will really make too much of a difference that the bigger companies are trying to get into the game.


There's a half dozen Dunkies or Starbucks or Wendy's within a 20 block radius. Most folks who patronize food trucks do so because they're like those other two donut spots. Different/tasty/quality. I guess you could complain about that, too, because the original taco trucks were affordable greasy spoons. Now food trucks = stereotypical gentrified hipster set piece.

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Out here in Cali the larger cities have the "gourmet" trucks to be sure but we still have the mom & pop trucks all over the place. Literally mom & pop, as lots of them are husband and wife teams. You can still drop about $5 and be stuffed.


The one that came to my last job it was $3.50 for the various breakfast burritos and sandwiches, add ¢50 for a cup of strong ass coffee and your set. The lunch specials/combos were $5-$6 for either a burger, sandwich or torta and fries w/ a can of soda or a taco, sopes, or quesadilla plate w/ beans and rice w/ can of soda. Granted the sodas were Walmart brand but shit was on point, old girl could cook her ass off.

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