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Two weeks from now I''m a married man!


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brick wall in our apartment for now the two extra pieces will have to wait for our house though. wall real estate in my tiny apartment is quickly dwindling


I've also thought about how I'd do it different but Jen digs his work so I'll just buy his work.


I would not do anything differently, I would just not use a nail gun.


I think it looks good and I hope you find a great place to put it.

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I wish you all the luck in your marriage that I had in mine...


But seriously, congratulations and have fun.

I hate Vegas, but I might be alone on that stance.


I hate it too. My wife has never been and wants to go.


I don't.


yay! fellow vegas haters!



Vegas is the epitome of American decadence in many ways.

do not wish to return. did not wish to return last time i was there either.




my man and i are pretty much out of wall space.

only reason to have a bigger home.

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I've been to Vegas 20+ times, mainly for work.


I don't gamble.


I don't like loud bars or clubs.


I don't like overpaying for my booze.


I don't like giant br0tastic, pee-filled pool parties.




I usually take a backpack full of beer and walk the strip whilst people watching, maybe drop some coin on a good show.


The double down bacon martini is gross, just too greasy for my taste.

Peppermill Fireside Lounge is a good place to avoid the typical Vegas D-bags.

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ALSO I'm headed to vegas from thursday to sunday. what should I see while I'm there?


Talking about like shows to see? Clubs? Music? or just anything?


I live in Vegas and I personally hate the strip, clubs, and pools and shit.

I recommend going downtown LV by Freemont, it's starting to come together with a lot of really good bars.

CommonWealth, The Griffin, Beauty Bar, Downtown Cocktail Room, Atomic, Gold Spike.

(Except "Insert Coin(s)", that bar is full of a dudes playing arcade games)


Only clubs I recommend is Surrender, or Marquee. Those usually have the least amount of mohawk, Affliction shirt wearing, tribal sleeve douche bags.


As far as shows, any Cirque show is good. Zumanity was my favorite (I still need to see Beatles Love)

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Listen to him ^



Vegas haters -

I know a bunch of people who hate the beach. Sand , sunburns, parking, crowds, 'no drinking', 'no smoking', Lil kids running amok, fear of sea life, etc etc


But for a lot of people its an awesome time



I will admit, unless you're trying to hook up or win a bunch of $ or just create some awesome stories w your buddies, vegas is pretty evil. Especially away from the strip




Ps- 'awesome'


/no br0

/yes beach bum

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^it depends on the woman


i know women who got married and even before they married they didn't like sex much

then it really got infrequent


i also know ladies who got married and got freaky.


i've been with my man for 5 years and shit ain't slowin us down.




/i love the beach. so many reasons... but i HATE sand.

now, cities with a great beach set against mountains, that's my shit. (think Vancouver, Rio and Cape Town)

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