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Headed back to the cosmopolitan metropolis of Fallon?


Yeah man


What're the odd I get middle emergency seat between an A&P and a Pilot A&P lol



Been sitting on the tarmac for over an hour now for a cockpit light






I gotta voucher burning a hole in my pocket

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Are great for people watching


I like to look for people making weird faces as they walk and staring at them til eye contact is made

They prob feel pretty dumb

Am I creep in?



I also don't tip bartenders ataorport bars







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I can't stand being in airports. I hate it. I'd rather be anywhere else.


This is the life I have chosen

I personal travel a few times a year

And business travel aost all year


Spent about 5 mo on the road for.work last year and another month personal


It gets bad when you know the name of the bar in each terminal at your local airport

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What? How the fuck is it going to take an hour to swap a bulb? That's some horse shit right there. I have had a jet jacked, swung, LGCU swapped, swung again, swung for QA and back on the deck, serviced and ready to fly in an hour.


An hour and a half on tarmac

Hour and a half in the air


Got a free whiskey cola tho



Tmrw night is Headquarters bar last night. While block is getting torn down to expand that abortion of a casino, The Nugget.

The butt Nugge


And the two homies I've made who live local had no idea. No HQ has done shit to promote its last day. Sad day for my travel I. Thisshit hole town


I'm here with 3 new jacks.


Left me all to myself on bar hopping tonight (yes all 4 bars)


Wish my road dawg was here

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Word word word


Scavenged an abandoned trailer off the highway middle of no where last year

Found some gems including a dart trophy

Just so happens main bar keep at local spot here is a dart fanatic

Etched it to him from me and my road dawg


Now on display above pool tables



Reminded him


Currently drinking my 4th free shiner bock

Yodel atcha boy


Good w him? Golden in this podunk town.

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