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go fuck yourself, syria

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Yeah, it's pretty clear that he'd prefer not to get involved. Lots of risk, little benefit.


Only thing is that there are longer-term strategic risks if he doesn't stick to his word on red lines.


Damned if he does, damned if he don't.



In regards to the story above that the US was somehow involved in the initial chem attack. I think the best argument against it at this point is that it's pretty clear that this is a really thorny issue for the US in terms of policy and strategy that it doesn't make sense that the White House would choose to put itself in this position, it's not an enviable place to be. If they were responsible in some way then you'd expect more clear paths of action or even something to have actually happened by now.



I can't remember who that guys served and who he was appointed to but in terms of his previous roles seemingly excluding him from being a conspiracy nut, be careful to not easily dismiss other reasons for fabricating stories. Never underestimate how motivated disgruntled ex-employees can be or how strong partisan views can motivate people. I'm not saying that's what's happening here, I seriously know fuck all about it, to be honest. But disgruntled and partisan actors have done lots of shit like this in the past.

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I'm sure for Lockheed, General Dynamics and Halaburton it is a disaster, their 4qtr profits will be down by 3%. How can we expect them to live on those measly billions they are already getting?


All joking aside the American people, in general, are thrilled by that fact. The talking heads and warmongers in congerss are the only ones calling it a "debacle". But they have been paid to, so I'm not surprised. Cant let their corporate masters lose out on all that pipeline money.

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I'm not sure what the peeps are saying but I'm sure some of them do have a point.


Barry painted himself in to a corner by drawing a line in the sand. He was called on that line and didn't stand up to defend it. That's not a very good look, it diminishes your power, as the logic goes. Kind of like saying "Oh yeah? Why don't you come over here and say that?"...., then the dude does come over and say it and you don't do shit. You look like a chump and dudes will treat you like one.


However, in many places the US is seen as unpredictable and that can be used as a strength if played right (take North Korea as an example). The US has a lot of credibility, really, they DID go in to Astan, the DID go in to Iraq, they ARE taking it up to China and there is another 70 years of commitment in terms of Vietnam, Haiti, Grenada, Kosovo, etc. behind them. So whilst not defending the line doesn't do them any favours I'm not sure exactly how much harm it will do them in the big picture either.

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