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this one time.. last night..


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i met an insane chick last night when i was walking to the store. she was trying to untangle a knotted up fishing string when i first saw her. said she was gonna go fishing with a golf club soon. after 5 mins of talking to her i realized she wasnt kidding and that she was a nut. i racked a 4loko for us to drink and we were chillin drinking it and i recorded some of the coversation we (she) was having. she was talking about her stuffed tiger falling out of a window and people hitting her with lightning. we walked around the neigborhood adter that and the whole time she was TOTING two huge bags of big books. i held the heavier one for her for a minute. it must have weighed 40 lbs. she was cool. i guess shes just going through a bunch of shit. and on lots of prescribed and not prescribed drugs. i could see she was an alright human. at the end of our talk she said she was gonna walk to the dam 20 miles west of austin. we were in south austin. the end. no pussy :o

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