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syrian hackers take down NYtimes.com

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They've fucked w a few other news outlet websites which were quickly repaired but I guess nytimes.com has been down most of the day. SOME regions can still access the site. I get an error page. Others get a black page w the Syrian Electronic Army logo



Same guys have been hacking a bunch of twitter accts like Reuters ... Even hacked the twitter acct managed by twitter

Posting fake news updates and shit.

The twitter stuff I'm not too impressed by. Should just take a PW cracker prog.


Taking down a major news outlets shit for multiple hours isn't something small tho...

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I wonder if there are good donairs in alaska.

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We should have shut that nigga down 2 fucking years ago.

Better late than never, but at this point the people of Syria aren't even gonna appreciate it after the hell they've been through all the while begging us to step in and help them.

Al Qaeda has had their back since day one, and we've done nothing but ignore them while Assad kept annihilating them.

A lot of Americans are too fucking shook for us to get involved with shit after Bush's lies, but what is going on in Syria is more comparable to Bosnia. The same people who are screaming that we should stay the fuck out would have been saying the same exact shit about the situation in Europe in the late 30's.

We should have already been shut that faggot down and let the Syrian opposition take over before Al Qaeda even had a chance to have their back.

Better late than never, but WTF???

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NY Times is still relevant?


Hacking something that in the end is just an inconvenience for people who still get their news from a media outlet that never served its people.... Meh..

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^Everybody in the world has internet phones now.

And they've all been putting them to use.

That's what started the whole "Arab Spring" that's been going on for a few years now.

Where the fuck have you been?

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