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and i'm free... free bleedingggggg


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That must be why it's clear then, huh?



Just because you can't see something doesn't mean it's not there. Thats the same line of thinking that lead to the widely held belief that witches and curses caused sickness. That type of thinking went out with Pasteur.


The average human spermatozoa is 6-10 microns wide and 40-50 microns long. The smallest object that can be seen with the naked eye is roughly 100 microns.


I found a picture of scale.



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They both said they been raw dogging and pulling out with no problems for years and basically agreed with me laughing at the thought that you can pull out and bust on a bitch tits and get her pregnant.

The same as everybody else on here was laughing at Tease asking if he can get his bitch pregnant by cumming in her mouth.


I can search google and find you "facts" that prove Obama was born in Kenya and that the earth is really flat.

Sharpen your bullshit detector, dumbass.

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i have been using the same method for years, and it works great however... The point is; there is a chance, albeit a small one, that a girl can still get pregnant.


Just like when you click the "x" on your browser you are still online.


do you still disagree?


When you fly in an airplane there is still a chance it could fall out of the sky. Although a small chance, it can still happen.

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